Having Issues with My Stuff & User Lists


I have run into two issues recently apart from the ones already posted about.

  1. My stuff link in user menu works sometimes, and not others. I’m using Chrome on android Tablet, android Phone, and windows Laptop. It doesn’t seem to be consistent to a device.

  2. I can’t view any user created list now. This happened today. Tried ones in my stuff and in the user created lists section of the website. Have only tried this on phone. I get the something went wrong page for every one.

Update for #1

I can access My Stuff currently on my android phone. When I’m in Chrome on my laptop, it works when I’m in the Forums section of the website, but not when I’m in the Home section of the website or on a name page or searching for a name.

I’m having the same problem for my stuff on my laptop. For some reason it does work when I right click - open in new tab, but not when I click it directly.

I’m having this issue as well.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] all, I’m sorry to hear so many of you are having issues with these features.

I’ll pass your comments on to the site creators and hopefully we can get this sorted.

Having the same issue.