Hebrew + Catholic names: sibling to Hazel Mae

Hi all!

So, husband is Jewish and I’m Catholic, and while neither of us is particularly religious, we still like to honor both faiths in our children’s names.
So, we’re looking for names, both first and middle combos, for either gender, that have Hebrew origins or meanings in Hebrew, but that also hold significance in the Catholic world.
We have one daughter named Hazel Mae, and even though neither name is overtly Hebrew or Catholic, Hazel means ‘God’s eyes’ in Hebrew and Mae is a derivative of Mary, and it’s the kind of name we like. And her nickname is Zelie, which is also s saint’s name.

Hoping you all could suggest some lovely combos that would match a similar style to Hazel, that would satisfy both faiths. I love old fashioned names, in case you couldn’t tell :wink:

Hazel Mae “Zelie” is beautiful! :heart_eyes:



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My first thought was Marigold nn Golda/Goldie. Marigold named for “Mary’s gold”. Golda is a Yiddish name with use in Jewish communities.

Jewish first names with Catholic middles:

Esther Clementine
Liora Marguerite
Miriam Stella
Tova Grace
Adina Mercy

Reuben Casper
Lazar Valentine
Asa Ambrose
Asher Benedict
Boaz Isadore

Catholic first names with Jewish middles:

Grace Ariela
Clara Shoshana
Stella Miriam
Agnes Liora
Josephine Malka

Jasper Amos
Felix Reuben
Oscar Lev
Cyril Mordecai
Urban Ariel

Most of the Catholic names are names of saints with a few titles of the Virgin Mary (Grace, Stella, Mercy) included. Jewish names are mostly Hebrew or Yiddish


I LOVE Zelie and I know a baby who is named that…I am Catholic also!

Well Aviva is a hebrew name meaning Spring, Ariella (lioness of God), Chana/Hannah/Hana (meaning Grace of God), Eliana (My God has answered me), Faige(coool! bird in Yiddish), Hadassah/Dassa(Hebrew name of Esther, also means myrtle tree), Moriah(beautiful for any religion, race, whatever!)(God teaches), Netanya(Gift of God), Sarai, Miriam, Talia (SO PRETTY) (meaning dew from God), Tova(God’s goodness), Uriella (light of God), Ruth

Hebrew Boys names:
Aharon, Aaron, Ariel(lion of God), Asher (blessed,fortunate, one of the ten tribes), Azriel(helper of God), Boaz, Daniel(God is my judge), Elchanan (God is gracious), Hillel (Praise), Issur(Yiddish nickname for Israel) Israel, Malkiel(:sunglasses:)(God is my king), Netanel (Gift of God), Ovadia(servant of God), Pesach (passover; actually Catholics celebrate that too just to let you know if your church doesn’t so it’s a great name for both faiths), Rafael (God heals; angel of healing), Tzuriel(God is my rock), Yoel(God is willing)

and for catholic names, I actually have all these names in my signature, because it is/was a requirement to name your child in some version of a saints name. I’ll put the ones in my signature in bold so you can see my favorites! :wink:

Alice - St. Alice of Schaerbeck
Philomena - St. Philomena
Aurelie- for St. Aurelia
Bernadette or Birdie- St. Bernadette
Calliope - an early martyr
Silvia(my sister’s name) - St. Pope Gregory The Great’s Mother
Elena(my name)- for St. Helena/Helen of the cross
Sylvester - St. Sylvester
Therese/Teresa - St. Therese of lisieux or Teresa of Avila or Mother Theresa
Varian - St. Valerian
Valentine -St Valentine
Conan - St. Conan
Lucille/Lucinda/Lucella/Lucia - St. Lucy
Felicity St. Felicity
Perpetua -St. Perpetua
Janella - St. Jane Frances de Chantal
Chantal - ^see above^
Emmanuel - for Jesus
Austell - St. Austell
Maelle - for St. Mael
Sabrina/Sabina/Sabine - for St. Sabina
Solange- for St. Solange
Seraphina/Seraphine -St. Seraphina
Lily - for St. Joseph, St. Kateri, or St. Lillian
Laurence/Lawrence - St. Laurence
Isidore - St. Isidore the Farmer
Gable/Gabriel- for Archangel Gabriel
Willabelle/Willa/Willoughby - St. Wilhemina
Caspian - St. Cassian
Elyan - St. Elyan
Mella -St. Mella
Rosalie - Saint Rosalia , St. Roseline, or St. Rose of Lima, or St. Therese


Thanks so much for the suggestions! You listed so many we hadn’t thought of!

Omg, looove [name_f]Marigold[/name_f]! We didn’t think of that! Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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Oh wow, haha, you found SO many!! Especially in the boy department, I’m so bad at thinking of boy names. Thanks so much!!!



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[name_f]Magdalena[/name_f] was almost my daughter’s name, so it’s definitely on our list! And I love your choices for a boy, [name_u]Elias[/name_u] is one I never would have thought of, but I like it! Thanks so much!

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