Help me fall in love with some boys' names

I am currently pregnant with girl/girl twins, but am always looking to add to my lists. I find girls easy, but boys … there are lots of names I really like, but much fewer that I adore enough to use.

I tend to like :
virtue names, e.g. [name]Comfort[/name]/[name]Verity[/name] (for a girl, of course)
vintage names, e.g. [name]Silvia[/name] (ditto), [name]Arthur[/name], [name]Ernest[/name], [name]Henry[/name]
word names, e.g. [name]Afternoon[/name], [name]Juniper[/name] (ditto), Wolfie
names with religious connotations, e.g. Hosanna (ditto), [name]Ezra[/name].

I like names to have nickname possibilities, preferably two-syllable ones.

I prefer unusual names, and definitely nothing trendy.

So, do you have any other suggestions? [name]Feel[/name] free to play around with first and middle combinations.

[name]Hi[/name] Twinkle! [name]How[/name] are you doing?

Maybe you’ll like a few of these as a first name or a middle:


(I just realized that a few of the above contain sounds similar to your kids’ names, so I’m sorry about that!) :slight_smile:

Good luck with your name list! :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Jill[/name]! I’m doing great - not too much morning sickness anymore, thank goodness! It was my mother-in-law’s birthday last weekend, too, and we travelled up to [name]Scotland[/name] (with my sprained ankle in tow) to see her - I have the sweetest pictures of [name]Rosie[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name] sitting on their Shetland pony. Lots of changes possibly going on around here, too - DH has been travelling out to Japan more and more recently, for work, and his company are thinking of relocating him permanently … So we might be living in Tokyo this time next year! I hope all’s going well with you :slight_smile:

From your list, I really like :
[name]Hugo[/name] (but there are a couple amongst the children of friends, so we wouldn’t use it)
And I think [name]Ulysses[/name] is great, but perhaps it’s too much?

And of course I love [name]Edmond[/name], but we’ve already used it!

I was wondering, can anyone think of any good Z names for boys, beyond [name]Zack[/name] and [name]Zane[/name]? I was just pondering unusual letters …

[name]Hi[/name] Twinkle, I really love [name]Solomon[/name] from your list so far, I’ve been loving it for a while now. Hmm, Z names, I can only think of [name]Zoran[/name]/[name]Zoren[/name], [name]Zoltan[/name] and [name]Zander[/name] at the moment. Some more suggestions:



It doesn’t start with a Z, but [name]Ezekiel[/name] is a great name, and the z is very prominent, which gives it that offbeat sound. It’s one of my favorites.

I have a suggestion for a boys name that begins with Z. My brother and sister-in-law named my nephew Zephryn. Sometimes they call his Zeph. It’s a name my brother loved from [name]Star[/name] Trek. The inventor of Warp Speed was named Zephrom so they modified it a bit and now we all love it.