HELP NEEDED! Our short list for girl names

We are due in 2 months and we can agree on 3 names but I’m not sold on any one of them. We like simple, shorter, less popular but not trendy names. We like names that can have a cute nickname but also grow with her and sound professional later in life. Desire something that isn’t easily mispronounced (had to cut [name_f]Isla[/name_f] from this list because of that).
So our short list is:
*[name_f]Tessa[/name_f] (although one of our dogs is Dessi, so very similar. Also doesn’t have a nickname)
*[name_f]Paige[/name_f]. Cute nn could be [name_f]GiGi[/name_f]
*[name_f]Maeva[/name_f]. Very pretty, nn [name_f]Mae[/name_f].

Any opinions, suggestions, recommendations greatly appreciated!

Of the three, [name_f]Paige[/name_f] sounds the most professional while still being cute for young children. I love the name [name_f]Tessa[/name_f].

I really like [name_f]Maeva[/name_f], but one downside is that she might be mistakenly called [name_f]Ava[/name_f] on a regular basis. I like [name_f]Tessa[/name_f] a lot as well. I would suggest [name_f]Essie[/name_f] as a potential nickname, but that’s even closer to your dog’s name so probably not the best idea! [name_f]Paige[/name_f] isn’t really my style but I do think it’s a nice name, and definitely fits what you’re looking for. Good luck!

I like [name_f]Paige[/name_f]

I love [name_f]Tessa[/name_f] and [name_f]Maeva[/name_f] (actually I prefer [name_f]Tess[/name_f] and [name_f]Maeve[/name_f], but still). [name_f]Tess[/name_f] is a pretty standard nickname for [name_f]Tessa[/name_f].

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