Help with Dina!

My husband loves the name [name]Dina[/name], after a beloved family member. I really, REALLY don’t like the name, but I do like the sentiment, so can anyone think of a compromise name that is similar enough that would still honor her so he would be happy, but different enough that I would be happy?

Ok I’ll see if I can help:) Several suggestions; you could use [name]Dina[/name] as a middle name or if it’s still not working for you how about a longer name that has [name]Dina[/name] in it. Some examples are

Ends in [name]Dina[/name]:


Starts with [name]Dina[/name]:


Has [name]Dina[/name] in it:

(couldn’t actually find anything sorry)

Or, this just came to me, you could jumble up the letters in [name]Dina[/name] which makes [name]Andi[/name] - this could be the child’s nn.

Anyway, hope some of that was helpful:)

I just wanted to add that a name that ends with dine could also easily lead to the nickname [name]Dina[/name]:


(though I guess that only works if you pronounce [name]Dina[/name] as dee-na)

If you pronounce [name]Dina[/name] as die-na, then you could probably use [name]Diana[/name], and still get the di.

I would not name my daughter [name]Dina[/name] at this time. You could use it as a nn, but I wouldn’t. But as a full name, it sounds so dated.
[name]Dinah[/name], as another poster suggested is lovely. So is [name]Diana[/name].
[name]Love[/name] all the names ending in -dine.

[name]Dena[/name], [name]Deena[/name], [name]Deana[/name], [name]Diana[/name], [name]Deanne[/name], [name]Diane[/name].

You could also make her middle name [name]Dina[/name].

I really love [name]Susan[/name]'s suggestion of [name]Diana[/name]. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I like [name]Dinah[/name] :slight_smile:

Another idea, you could make the initials spell D.I.N.A! I’m running out of others sorry. What do you think of everyone’s suggestions so far?

deanna/deanne, dianna/dianne, deana?

What about the names [name]Adina[/name] or [name]Edina[/name]?

Thanks for all the suggestions so far–they are certainly giving us some ideas to consider. We already have a middle name picked out that we are very happy with, so that is not an option. I never thought naming a baby would be so difficult!


im not sure…

My name is [name]Dina[/name] and I love it. My nn is [name]Dee[/name].