So I’m writing this story and I’m worried it’s similar to the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories books. In my story, there are two orphaned twins (boy girl twins) who live with their aunt and cousin. They find a portal to this magical world (not fairytale though). Also, they’re kidnapped by goblins. And they find out that their parents are from the world. Obviously, if you’ve read the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories books you’ll get the similarities. Is it too much?

I’ve never heard of the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories books so I looked them up. To be honest there are a lot of similarities between the two but as long as you make it your own work it should be fine, especially since you aren’t basing it on fairytales. To be fair, the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories reminds me of The Sisters Grimm, The Spiderwick Chronicles, the TV series Once Upon A Time, and I’m sure plenty of others I can’t remember or don’t know about. Focus on what’s different between your story and the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories, that’s my advice. I hope it helps.

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There are some similarities, but (I may misremember this because I haven’t read the books in a while :wink:):
The kids from the [name_u]Land[/name_u] of Stories are not orphans
Only one of their parents is from the fairytale land
They go to the land of their own accord/accidentally, not kidnapped by goblins

Also, this is just the base details. The land of stories has an entirely different plot, so as long as the actual events that take place are different, people can overlook the character and setting similarites.

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Yeah. They weren’t brought into the fantasy world by getting kidnapped by goblins by the way (but that doesn’t really matter lol). But thank you for the advice! :heart: