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  • Yes: 5 (29%)
  • No: 12 (71%)

I think I might be the only one, but I think it’s a really pretty name. When I hear some names, I don’t think of when they were soooo popular and that it dates them, I just listen to the sound of it and like a name or not on that basis. This goes hand in hand sometimes with a dislike for names a lot of other people like - just because something is coming around to fashionable again doesn’t mean I think it sounds pretty. I have some “unpopular” opinions of what names I might consider because I don’t think it’s all that bad to have to go around with a “dated” name. If I think it sounds nice, it won’t serve anyone too poorly in the long run, and it does make the name unusual among their peers as well, so that’s always a plus. No risk in a name like [name]Heather[/name] running up the charts these days.

yes… love it!! it’s my secret favorite name these days and no one is using it for their babies anymore! there are some gems of the 80s that are definitely ready for a come back and [name]Heather[/name] is one of them. i’m happy you are considering it and definitely think you should use it, regardless that it has the same ending as [name]Porter[/name]. i think it’s okay to name siblings with somewhat similar sounds as long as they’re different enough and you like the name enough! good luck!!

I also really like this name, but it is definitely dated. It’s not old enough to start sounding fresh, but I don’t think it is too far out of reach to use now. It hasn’t been mega popular since the 60s and 70s (when it spiked to #8), but it only recently fell out of the top 100 in the last ten years. Your daughter would likely introduce herself to kids her age and hear “That’s my mom’s name!” or even more likely “That’s my grandmother’s name!” so I’d keep that in mind.

I wouldn’t write it off, as I think it is a very nice name, but I’d explore other options too. As for it having the same ending as [name]Porter[/name], the names are different enough that I don’t see it as too big of an issue. Literally the only sound that is the same is the -er sound. Think of how many siblings both end in -n or -a or -ie/ee/y/etc.

There’s no such thing as “too dated”. Or, more accurately, there are names I consider dated, but they’re the generation that’s hip now. So I wouldn’t presume to enforce one view of “dated”. Names don’t have a shelf life limit.

I realized a little while ago that the safest way to get a name that won’t shortly become too common is to choose one that’s dropping and seen as dated.