I don’t think people who choose yooneek spellings think about how it will work out in the long run for their kids. I mean, wouldn’t you feel ridiculous if you were an adult named
or [name]Izayah[/name]?
These are the names that scared, I mean, struck me the most when I looked at the top 1,000 list.
Footnote: I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just voicing my opinion. [name]Feel[/name] free to disagree!

i concur… here are some that get on my nerves::

Tyffanee (what?!!?)
Jakelynne (is that supposed to be [name]Jacqueline[/name]?)
[name]Raychelle[/name] (i thought this little girl was kidding when she spelled it out for me the first time… but no… sigh. what’s wron with [name]Rachel[/name]?)
Makayleigh - really dislike the spelling… but understand why she did it… this child is named after three different people… [name]May[/name], [name]Leigh[/name], and [name]Kay[/name]… two grandmas and an aunt… creative… but still looks like mom tried too hard for a unique spelling…

Jonythyn (seriously??)

what are parents thinking??

I don’t think parents who choose ‘yooneek’ spellings do it to deliberately harm their child’s chances at success. What they really want is for their child’s name to stand out. Unwittingly, they become part of a huge trend–the mysspeleighn trend. The best thing a parent can do in regards to their child’s name is study up on these things.

I agree that they are not considering how the name will look on an adult. If I saw an adult named, say, McKennleigh, I would instinctively have a preconception of that person as uneducated. They could be amazingly intelligent. But through their parents’ choice of a name, they are being given an impression that may damage their business and professional life.