Honouring Gary?!

I would like my first son to honour my Dad’s name, as either a first or middle name. However, [name]Gary[/name] does not fit well with names I like.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to still honour [name]Gary[/name] but without using it straight? I’m not too taken on [name]Gareth[/name] though :frowning:

What about [name]Garrett[/name]? I like it better than [name]Gareth[/name].

hmmm some other ideas:

Names related to [name]Gary[/name]-


Names similar to [name]Gary[/name]-


Names with a similar meaning-


[name]Do[/name] any of these match the style you’re looking for? Personally my favorite from this list is [name]Gray[/name], has obvious ties to [name]Gary[/name] but still remains distinct.

[name]Gray[/name] has to be my favourite so far from the list, I’d use it as a MN.

Some of the names I like:
[name]James[/name] (MN)

Would a rhyming name count? [name]Harry[/name], [name]Terry[/name], [name]Larry[/name], [name]Jerry[/name], [name]Kerry[/name]? [name]Harry[/name] is stylish, and I secretly think [name]Jerry[/name] is kinda cute too. And there are other G names that could be considered somewhat related: [name]Gregory[/name]? [name]Graham[/name]?

My step-father is [name]Graham[/name], so that’s a no-go
His son is [name]Harry[/name], so also a no-go unfortunately

The more I think about [name]Gray[/name] the more I like it =]

Have you thought of [name]Garrison[/name] or [name]Garrett[/name]?

my FIL is named gary and we are using gray as a middle name to honor him.

[name]Garrett[/name] sounds interesting.

But the more I sit here the more I like [name]Gray[/name]. I’ve never met anyone with the name [name]Gray[/name] before so it will be nice for it to be different

[name]Harvey[/name] [name]Gray[/name]
[name]Samuel[/name] [name]Gray[/name]
[name]Alexander[/name] [name]Gray[/name]
[name]Lewis[/name] [name]Gray[/name]

Looking at these, and considering [name]Gray[/name], I may even be up for a change in general names I like :slight_smile:

Berries are great at this! I would never have even looked at it before and now I’m getting quite fond of it :slight_smile:

Has anyone honoured one set of grandparents before? Has this ever caused a problem with the other set?