How did you tell your partner you're pregnant?

I posted this in the Beyond [name]Baby[/name] Names forum also, but I think it might get some more responses here.

I just thought it would be interesting to hear your stories of how you told your SO. Did you tell them straight out or do something creative? I would just love to hear it all!

[name]Every[/name] year for my partners birthday I make a scrapbook of the preceeding year. I also include a glimpse on the future. (Usually pics of a trip we are going on, or a major purchase or something), well with the one on this birthday I put a picture of my pregnancy test.

That is so clever! I’m not nearly that creative and plus, I was so excited there’s no way I could have kept it to myself. I did the test early in the morning, squealed and sort of tackled/hugged him. But he was still sleeping in the bed, so he thought there was an emergency of some kind.

Actually this is really similar to what happened when my water broke in the middle of the night…

I heard one great idea for how to tell the extended family that I might try to do next time. If there’s an event (holiday, birthday, etc), get DH to take a picture of everyone all gathered together. Instead of “[name]Say[/name] Cheese”, have DH say “XX is pregnant!” That way, you have a picture of everyone’s surprised and happy faces, with you just smiling in the middle.