How do you like Bavognia and Zsa Zsa??????????

I’m writing a story and two of the main characters (they’re sisters) are named Bavognia (pronounced bah-voh-nee-ah) and [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] (pronounced like [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] Gabor’s). I made up Bavognia (sorta like Caseb if you read my other post) and I got [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] from a baby name book. Tell me if you like either of these (or if you [name]DON[/name]'T like either of these names). I WANT TO KNOW!!!

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These are very interestiny names. [name]Do[/name] I like them? Well, I certainly would not name any of my children Bovognia or [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name], but for your characters, they could be just right. [name]Both[/name] names have an ethnic sound to them. Bovognia does remind me of bologna to a certain extent, but I think the right character could pull it off. As sisters, Bovognia sounds like the older, more serious and responsible one. She’s motherly. [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] is the younger, more spontaneous of the two. Definitely more naive and innocent. I would expect Bovognia to wear plain, simple clothes that are timeless and [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] to wear fashionable, at the moment clothes with lots of clunky jewelry- or at least want to.

[name]How[/name] would you describe your characters? I’m sure this would help more berries to gauge their opinions on the names.

Honestly? [name]Zsa[/name] [name]Zsa[/name] is okay, but seems a little over blown. She would have to be seriously dramatic to pull it off.
Bavognia? I would probably have to stop reading the book because I wouldn’t know how to pronounce it and it would take the focus off the actual book. It would be especially annoying if I could look it up.
Sorry to be a downer but that is my honest opinion.

eh, whatevs :roll: