How do you pronounce Jeanne?

Not planning on using this, but I’ve heard it pronounced different ways, so I’m always confused as to the proper pronunciation. I’ve heard:

Same pro. as [name]Jean[/name]
Same as [name]Genie[/name]

I would pronounce it [name]Jean[/name]. The only other pronunciation I’ve heard is the French one, zhahn.

The only [name]Jeanne[/name] I’ve ever met is a French girl who pronounces it zhann, so that’s the only way I ever pronounce it. I suppose if I knew someone called [name]Jeanne[/name] who wasn’t French I’d assume it was pronounced [name]Jean[/name].

Well, in our family we pronouce it like [name]Joan[/name], or Zhahn, the French way. But, our family member with that name also answers to [name]Jean[/name] ([name]Gene[/name]), which is more Americanized.

In French, it’s zhahn. I don’t think you could get regular English-speaking people to say it that way if preferred and you don’t live in [name]France[/name] or [name]Quebec[/name] or anywhere else French is predominant.

In [name]America[/name], I only knew it to be Jeen, like [name]Jean[/name] or [name]Gene[/name]. It is an alternate spelling of [name]Jean[/name], like [name]Anne[/name] is an alternate spelling of [name]Ann[/name]. This was the name and spelling of one of the roommates I had in college, and I kind of remember someone else, this was their middle name. It is pretty good if you like a short middle name like [name]Jean[/name], but you want to make it less plain.

[name]Jeannie[/name] might be a nickname, or some people when they see the e on the end, pronounce it. I have seen the same when someone says [name]Anne[/name] is pronounced [name]Annie[/name]. Jee-ann seems like someone misread it and perceived it as like [name]Deanne[/name] or [name]Joanne[/name]. Unlike [name]Jeanne[/name], [name]Joanne[/name] is not a French [name]Joan[/name] but a [name]Jo[/name] + [name]Anne[/name], or possible rendering of [name]Johanna[/name] - a feminine form of [name]John[/name] that is not French, so it is pronounce jo-ann. French [name]Joan[/name] would also be [name]Jeanne[/name] (as in [name]Jeanne[/name] d’[name]Arc[/name] - [name]Joan[/name] of [name]Arc[/name]), as the feminine form of [name]John[/name], which in French, would be [name]Jean[/name] (zhan, as in [name]Jean[/name]-[name]Luc[/name]).

Weird! I’ve only ever heard it pronounced [name]Jean[/name]-ee/[name]Genie[/name].

My grandma is named [name]Jeanne[/name], and it’s pronounced “gene.” The French pronounce it zhan.

Ditto. It was my grandma’s name, too, and she was [name]Jeanne[/name] (pronounced “[name]Jean[/name]”), nickname [name]Jeanie[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response! I actually completely forgot I posted this until just now!

Thanks for the clarification! It’s nice to have a better idea of how to pronounce it!

I knew a girl with this name in [name]Canada[/name] and she said it like genie.

The French way is zhan

My name is [name_u]Jeanne[/name_u] and it is pronounced [name_m]Gee[/name_m]-Knee as one of my friends so affectionately spells it. I love my name, but I absolutely cringe when I am called [name_u]Jean[/name_u], which is most often. I also am astounded by the number of people who have had the audacity to tell me I don’t know how to say my own name, including on this board where some call my pronunciation a “nickname”- it’s not. I have never understood why [name_u]Jeanne[/name_u] would be [name_u]Jean[/name_u] honestly, why have the extra “ne”? There are so.many.names with various pronunciations, I find it humorous the arrogance people have thinking [name_u]Jeanne[/name_u] doesn’t also have variants. Here’s my recommendation, ask how the name is said before butchering it. That is most polite.

I would say “zhahn”.