How do you think of names?

Whenever I feel like thinking about naming my children, I take a long bike ride by myself, and it really makes me think. Like, I’ve always loved [name]Kasey[/name] [name]Nicole[/name], but when I took a bike ride and I really thought and chose [name]Kasey[/name] with a C([name]Casey[/name]) instead. Because I took that bike ride I have found my favourite name and the exact spelling that is my favourite!

Now, I want to know what you do when you think of names? If they just come to your head, how do you perfect them and their spelling?

I write them down! In different colors and fonts. Over and over again! I also go on and other font sites to see what they look like. I write out the first name, combos, first and last, and sibsets. When I’ve found something i love, I go on or something like that and make birth announcements! I like seeing how the name will wear in different situations. Also sometimes i’ll go to google images and search “baby [name]Susanna[/name]” or whatever the name is, sometimes seeing a real baby ( or adult or child or whatever) helps me decide if I think I’d want the name for a child of my own!

Wow i didnt think of that at all. I just see it written down (in typed version or my handwriting) then i see if it fits in my sibset and find a nice combo with one of my favourite names that dont fit in the sibset but make a nice mn. I makesure the first letter and end sound are different, they match in syllables and letter (id hate for 3 siblings and one has 3 letters and the other 2 have 4 for example) and i speak it out loud and in combo with the set.