How to pronounce this Puerto Rican name?

So this isn’t really baby-name related, but it is about a name. DH’s new boss invited us over to have dinner with him and his wife. [name]Boss[/name]’ wife is Puerto Rican. Her name is Hecseliz. Does anyone know how to pronounce this name? We don’t want to butcher it in front her the first time we meet her. Thanks for any input!

Wow, that’s a tricky one! Hopefully the [name]Boss[/name] will say something like, “This is my wife, Hecseliz” and clear it all up in the introductions!

My guess would be EX-sell-eez? Sort of like a smoosh of excellence and [name]Anneliese[/name]? I don’t know, lol, that is tricky! I took Spanish for 2 years, and I’ve been told I have really good pronunciation, but I am really not sure about that one, haha. In Spanish, from what I understand, "E"s are said somewhere between a soft “eh” and the “ay” sound, but there are different inflections depending on the area and such. I really don’t know, sorry! Hopefully someone more fluent in Spanish (or with Puerto Rican history!) can help you more than I can.

Good luck!

So, I hope the dinner went well – how was her name pronounced??

My dad is Spanish and I speak a little bit… I would have said Ess-el-eez, but I’m not entirely sure