How to submit Information to Nameberry

So, I was on Nameberry and read the description of the name [name_u]Kylin[/name_u]. The description does not say much, however I think it can be added to.

  1. [name_u]Kylin[/name_u] is the english name of a Chinese military operating system (see Kylin (operating system) - Wikipedia )

  2. [name_u]Kylin[/name_u] is the romanized spelling of the pinyin for Qílín, a Chinese mythical beast (see Qilin - Wikipedia )

  3. [name_u]Kylin[/name_u] is sometimes also the romanized version of a main character from the Daomu Biji novel Zhang Qi3Líng, whose family uses the symbol of the Qilin mythological beast. (See Zhang Qiling | Grave Robbers Chronicles Wiki | Fandom )

If anyway else considers this a good addition to the name description, do you know how to suggest this change to nameberry?

You can add suggestions like this to this thread: Database entries you’d like to see amended

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