How to take the Nameberry user tutorial?

I just wanted to know, how to take the Nameberry user tutorial?


@discobot start tutorial

Do we have to message discobot or reply to a topic like that?

Ugh no Discobot I don’t want a tutorial :man_facepalming: It was just an example! :grin:


@discobot start tutorial

How did you do that

Just say discobot start tutorial

I didn’t do anything extra

I just put it in a quote, but that doesn’t affect


You need to uncheck this box in your Preferences, under Interface :point_down:

Otherwise discobot won’t respond.

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@discobot start tutorial

How to take the advanced tutorial?

Do the same as before, but say “start advanced tutorial” after tagging discobot.

@discobot start advanced tutorial

@discobot start advanced tutorial