Hubby just flip flopped

I dont know how this happened, but my husband just swtiched over all the ‘we dont have a boy name’ drama on me! I always told him, he was difficult, because to me, he is VERY difficult, i read him a list of 300 baby names and he said no to all of them. Thats being difficult. However then he goes ‘What about [name]Elliot[/name]?’, sigh* he would pick the one name, i really just dont like. So i told him i didnt like it and he goes ‘See you jsut hate all the names i like. Thats why we dont have a boys name’. Wtf? [name]How[/name] did it turn to that??? I sit here and suggest hundrends of name sthat you say no to, and you suggest like 2 that i dont like and im the difficult one? I am so beyond frusterated with boys names. I dont even know what to do anymor.e Its so difficult to name BOYS with him! Anyone else with extremly difficult husbands? I try to ask him what he likes and he says “I dont know” So im at a loss at how to include him. Uhh, men.

I am having the same problem. So I know how you feel. But with me it’s not only boys names, but girls names too. He just has a girl name that he loves and so any girl name I suggest he won’t even listen. He never says “i like that name” its always no or I’m not sure. Or he says something that it reminds him of. Like a person, place or just something he think is funny. UGH! It’s so annoying. So I finally told him he can pick the girls name (only because I like the girls name that he wants) and I get to pick the boys name. But I still want him to like the name I choose. I dont understand why this has to be so hard and why they act like they don’t care! He has only told me one boy name that he likes and of course it’s a name that I hate… [name]Simon[/name]… I’m like are you serious?.. But anyways I have said sooo many names to him and I am starting to run out of names.

Gosh men…

I’m totally in the same boat! My husband is nice about it, at least – he’s very apologetic when he tells me that he simply doesn’t like any names. When I suggest a name, he either says that he hates it or just sighs. Still, we’ve got to pick something within the next 3 months, and I’m starting to panic that we don’t have any names on our list. [name]Zero[/name]! If I had to, I could choose our boy’s name without him, but it would be nice to have his blessing. [name]How[/name] far along are you ladies?

The only bit of advice that I have found comfort in came from my dad, who seems to be articulating the male point of view in the way our husbands might not be able to yet. He said, “No name will ever be good enough. This baby is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to you, so how can you pick a word to name him? Having a kid is too amazing and magical and huge – just pick a name that you can live with, and let him grow into it.”

I’ve got a solid 20 names that I can live with, so I’m just hoping that my beloved husband will accept one of them. It doesn’t seem fair that I should have to dip down past my top-20 when I’m the one carrying the child – but I’m trying to be patient. It helps to know that I’m not the only one in this situation. Good luck to both of you!

I’ve got a solid 20 names that I can live with, so I’m just hoping that my beloved husband will accept one of them. It doesn’t seem fair that I should have to dip down past my top-20 when I’m the one carrying the child – but I’m trying to be patient.

I could have written these words myself. DEEP SIGH.

I’m in the same boat ladies. Same boat.

My DH like two names that I loathe. Otherwise, he just finds fault in all my suggestions. I have 12 more weeks till baby comes. Hoping a meteor strikes :wink:

We’re having similar issues. Our boy is due in 10 weeks and so far, he’s nameless. We refer to him as Mr. Mister. It’s rather frustrating that after 6 months of discussions we can’t find a single name that pleases us both. I’m thinking that sometime soon one or both of us will need to compromise a little. I think that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to find perfection. The right name will have to reveal itself eventually.

If it makes you feel any better my hubbers is totally reasonable and likes basically the same type of names that I like and we’re still having trouble finding a boy’s name. We could have triplet girls today and we’d be all set in about ten minutes… Boys are just much harder. I’m hoping that this baby is a girl just so it’ll be easier to name.

I printed out the SSA top 1000 names list for DH and highlighted all of the names I could live with - probably about 75-100 for each sex (I think I liked more girls names). I also suggested a couple that weren’t on there. Maybe you can try having him do the same and use your list of overlapping names as a starting point. Good luck

Maybe you can either hand him a book, or a print out of the SSA and tell him to make a list of 20 (or whatever amount you want), and then work from there. If he’s forced to suggest more than the one he wants the most then you’re more likely to get to a name that you can both live with. He may need to be forced into being proactive.

Thanks so much ladies. Nice to know others are going through the same problems. I would say that handing him a list would be a great idea. But I really dont think that he would even try. He seems to really think all the time that whatever hes doing (from playing videogames- hes a total kid at heart, to helping cook) is more important and somehow he is incapacitated to the poinbt of not being able to make conversation durnig these acts. He just sort of sighs and gives me a look of ‘really? im busy’ and its starting to get really frustrating. I got so irritated one day, i told him , i was just going to name the child myself if it was a boy, and he was actually mad. All i could think is when you put in no effort, how can you be upset??? Its so confusing! In the very beginning he tried to be helpful, but the names we could agree on [name]Benjamin[/name] or [name]Penn[/name] didnt sound right for the baby to me. So i said no, even though they were originally my name choices, then he tried to say ok well have [name]Jude[/name], a name that i like, but once again had to explain it didnt feel right. This is the point where he gave up and has been absolutly no help.

I feel bad to an extent because he tried and i did essentially shut him down; but i think i did that because i never felt like he truly liked the name, it was almost a ‘ok if you shut up you can name him ____’ which was just irritating and made me dislike the name. So im at a loss, i know he doesnt wanna talk about it, its sort of obvious. And even though i am only 10 weeks, i want a plan, a list, something. Its the type of person i am. And obviously i have 30 weeks to really pick, and im not stressing over the name, im irritated over my husbands inability to try and act interested. Sigh