I keep being logged out

Hi there, is anyone else having this problem: For the past couple of days I keep being logged out. It’s really interfering with my constant use of Nameberry :smile:

I can log straight back in again, but I’m a chrome user on an Android mobile and unless I’m in Incognito mode the site displays badly and certain functions disappear such as being able to toggle posts by choosing the number I want to view and seeing the topic name (sometimes a girl’s gotta double check which name game she’s in before she posts :sweat_smile:) so it’s like a six step process to get back to wherever I was on the forum.

I must confess I haven’t tried sorting my Chrome issues with the link @katinka has provided - thank you - so I will do that now, but being logged out every half hour or so is a new issue for me.

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That does sound frustrating! I haven’t heard this issue from anyone else, but please do post below if anyone else is affected.

Things to try…

  1. If you haven’t already, you can try clearing your cookies and cache, as saved logins are kept there.

  2. Make sure your Chrome app is fully updated. You can also remove and then reinstall it to completely reset if you are able to.

  3. I have also tweaked the site settings slightly, following a suggestion on the main Discourse site. It sounds like Android/Chrome users have experienced similar in the past. Hoping this may help :crossed_fingers:

Please keep me posted!

Thanks so much for a swift and thorough response. I’ll try everything!

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