Ideas on names to honor Vernon (without using Vernon!)

[name]Vernon[/name] is my husband’s deceased Grandfather’s name. He adored him. His middle name was [name]Wesley[/name] but it doesn’t sound great with our last name ([name]Wood[/name]).
I cannot think of anything. I’m not really crazy about an “V” names either. Have you any ideas?



I apologize in advance but I don’t know your naming style and I didn’t know if you only wanted to honor [name]Vernon[/name] if you had a boy so I listed all the names I found for both girls and boys so it’s pretty long. Let me know if you like any of them. If not I can keep looking.

These all have the same meaning as [name]Vernon[/name]
ALD”[name]RIC[/name] m French
ALDERT m Dutch
[name]DELANEY[/name] f English (Modern)
[name]LAVERNE[/name] f & m English
[name]VERE[/name] m English

These names are related to [name]Vernon[/name], as in the same “family tree”
[name]VERN[/name] m English
[name]VERNA[/name] f English

These names have [name]Ver[/name] in it like the beginning of [name]Vernon[/name]
[name]Alvera[/name] (girl)
[name]Alverda[/name] (girl)
[name]Averil[/name] (girl)
[name]Averil[/name] (boy)
Averley (girl)
[name]Avery[/name] (boy)
[name]Avery[/name] (girl)
[name]Beverley[/name] (girl)
[name]Beverly[/name] (girl)
[name]Beverly[/name] (boy)
[name]Carver[/name] (boy)
[name]Clover[/name] (girl)
[name]Denver[/name] (boy)
[name]Devere[/name] (girl)
[name]Devereaux[/name] (boy)
[name]Devereaux[/name] (girl)
Devershi (boy)
[name]Elvera[/name] (girl)
[name]Ever[/name] (girl)
[name]Everard[/name] (boy)
[name]Everardo[/name] (boy)
[name]Everest[/name] (boy)
[name]Everett[/name] (boy)
Everild (girl)
Everita (girl)
[name]Everley[/name] (girl)
[name]Everly[/name] (girl)
[name]Evert[/name] (boy)
Everton (boy)
[name]Glover[/name] (boy)
[name]Grover[/name] (boy)
[name]Guinevere[/name] (girl)
[name]Gulliver[/name] (boy)
Haverly (girl)
[name]Hoover[/name] (boy)
Kaveri (girl)
Kenver (boy)
Kevern (boy)
[name]Laver[/name] (boy)
[name]Lavera[/name] (girl)
[name]Lavern[/name] (boy)
[name]Laverna[/name] (girl)
[name]Laverne[/name] (girl)
[name]Laverne[/name] (boy)
Leverett (boy)
[name]Maverick[/name] (boy)
Minver (girl)
Nver (girl)
[name]Oliver[/name] (boy)
Olivera (girl)
[name]Primavera[/name] (girl)
[name]River[/name] (boy)
[name]River[/name] (girl)
[name]Rivers[/name] (boy)
[name]Rivers[/name] (girl)
Savera (girl)
Seaver (boy)
Severena (girl)
[name]Severiano[/name] (boy)
[name]Severin[/name] (boy)
[name]Severina[/name] (girl)
S”v”rine (girl)
Severn (boy)
[name]Severo[/name] (boy)
[name]Severus[/name] (boy)
[name]Silver[/name] (girl)
[name]Silverio[/name] (boy)
Sivert (boy)
Sverre (boy)
Tarver (boy)
[name]Tolliver[/name] (boy)
[name]Traver[/name] (boy)
[name]Vera[/name] (girl)
[name]Verda[/name] (girl)
[name]Verdi[/name] (boy)
Verdiana (girl)
[name]Verdie[/name] (girl)
[name]Verena[/name] (girl)
[name]Vergie[/name] (girl)
Verica (girl)
[name]Verity[/name] (girl)
[name]Verla[/name] (girl)
[name]Verle[/name] (boy)
[name]Verlie[/name] (girl)
[name]Verlin[/name] (boy)
[name]Vern[/name] (boy)
[name]Verna[/name] (girl)
[name]Vernal[/name] (boy)
[name]Vernee[/name] (girl)
[name]Vernell[/name] (girl)
[name]Vernell[/name] (boy)
[name]Verner[/name] (boy)
[name]Vernice[/name] (girl)
[name]Vernie[/name] (girl)
[name]Vernie[/name] (boy)
[name]Vernita[/name] (girl)
Vernor (boy)
[name]Verochka[/name] (girl)
[name]Verona[/name] (girl)
[name]Veronica[/name] (girl)
Veroniki (girl)
[name]Veronique[/name] (girl)
[name]Versie[/name] (girl)
Versilius (boy)
[name]Vertie[/name] (girl)
Vertumnus (boy)
[name]Veruca[/name] (girl)
Verusha (girl)
Verveine (girl)
Veryan (girl)
[name]Waverly[/name] (girl)
[name]Waverly[/name] (boy)
[name]Weaver[/name] (boy)
[name]Xaver[/name] (boy)

These names have [name]Non[/name] in them like the end of [name]Vernon[/name]
Aenon (boy)
Agamemnon (boy)
[name]Algernon[/name] (boy)
[name]Annona[/name] (girl)
[name]Bannon[/name] (boy)
[name]Benoni[/name] (boy)
[name]Brannon[/name] (boy)
Cainon (boy)
[name]Cannon[/name] (boy)
[name]Gannon[/name] (boy)
Inona (girl)
Kainona (boy)
[name]Lennon[/name] (boy)
MacKinnon (boy)
[name]Manon[/name] (girl)
[name]Mignon[/name] (girl)
[name]Ninon[/name] (girl)
[name]Nona[/name] (girl)
[name]Rennon[/name] (boy)
[name]Rhiannon[/name] (girl)
[name]Shannon[/name] (girl)
[name]Shannon[/name] (boy)
Shannondoeh (girl)
[name]Winona[/name] (girl)
Xenon (boy)
[name]Zenon[/name] (boy)

Wow, aimzright4! Thanks so much for all of those suggestions! I see several that I think are contenders. Thanks for your hard work!


No problem.