If girls are named India why not this name for a boy?

What do you think of the name [name]Israel[/name] for a boy? I have always loved the sound and look of the name but I always get weird or strange looks when I suggest it. I get comments like “You’re not Jewish/from [name]Israel[/name] why on earth would you want to use that name?” Is it any different than an American naming their daughter [name]India[/name]? What is your opinion of the name? Too out there?

I know two Israels. One is 19 and the other is 4. Though the name is not for me, I don’t really see anything wrong with it as a name. However, I do think there should be some reason that it is used as a persons name other then just liking it. I see your point though from the [name]India[/name] perspective. People are naming they children [name]India[/name] with no connection to it, however, I think it’s a little strange personally. I also see [name]India[/name] and [name]Israel[/name] being a little different becuase [name]Israel[/name] is a very religious mecca and is held very highly with some people. I’d be caustious to use it.

I think [name]Israel[/name] definitely works on a boy. I have an “uncle” (aka close family friend) who is named [name]Israel[/name], though I grew up calling him Uncle [name]Izzy[/name]. He was born into a very religious Jewish family. I would say people are more hesitant to use a name like [name]Israel[/name] because it has religious connotations while [name]India[/name] does not. I think it can work even if your not religious, especially if you love it, but just be prepared for people to ask you if you’re Jewish, if you’re from [name]Israel[/name], if you’ve been there, etc. I would imagine people with daughters/sons named [name]India[/name], [name]Ireland[/name], [name]Memphis[/name], [name]Boston[/name], etc. might get similar questions. Also, if you do love the name and you want to use it, you should consider visiting [name]Israel[/name] if possible- it’s a beautiful country and it could give context to the name for you.

I agree with everything freckles said, but [name]India[/name] is a bit of a different situation because it is considered a semi-traditional name in the UK dating back to the British Empire (it’s even a name in Gone With the Wind). So although I would feel funny using it as a name without having any personal connection to [name]India[/name], there is a lot of precedent for that. I would be concerned that [name]Israel[/name] comes with a lot of religious and political baggage, myself.

I know a 3 year old named [name]Israel[/name] – he is blonde haired and freckle faced. I think his family calls him “[name]Izzy[/name]”
I think it is a cute name! I don’t think it is too “out there”, but I can see how some people would. You can never please everyone, though – so pick a name you love!

I’m pretty sure [name]Israel[/name] was actually a personal name first. I think it’s fine as a name. I don’t generally care for place names, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them- just ask all the parents of Georgias, Virginias, Charlottes, and Jordans.

I think it’s an ok name, nothing wrong with it just nms. I actually have a cousin with the name (m) and I know a girl named [name]Israel[/name].

i think it’s a cool name and would work just fine for a boy. it’ll be pronounced and spelled right—and has nicknames that run the gamut. it certainly has staying power.

as you’ve pointed out, it’s a place name and it’s also a bible name (i think it’s the name isaac’s name was changed to as a blessing.) (we were seriously considering it as a mn for 3rd son–but we’re having a girl–and that’s another thread! :wink: )

i have a co-worker who recently named her son “israel”. she and her husband call him “ray”. i don’t think they’re jewish–don’t know.

if you like it and it sounds good with your last name, go for it!

good luck.

I love the name [name]Israel[/name] for a boy. I know one, [name]Israel[/name] [name]Reese[/name], who is almost a year old. His family is not Jewish.

I know a man named [name]Israel[/name]. Everyone calls him [name]Izzy[/name], which has been a sort of joke among the family and friends ([name]Izzy[/name] is our pastor’s son, age late twenties), because his wife is named [name]Toni[/name]. [name]Izzy[/name] is not Jewish (he is our [name]Christian[/name] pastor’s sin), so he doesn’t have any ties to the country. If you like a name use it!

I think someone mentioned that [name]Israel[/name] was a name before it was a place. It is true, but it was a name in the bible before being a place. Not just a name (like [name]Georgia[/name], which was a name first and then was later used as a place name). In the Old Testament, [name]Jacob[/name] was renamed [name]Israel[/name] (which means “God is contended” or “God rules/judges”) before the birth of [name]Benjamin[/name], his youngest son. He was given the name because he successfully wrestled with an angel of God. The term “Israelites” (which applies to all Jews) refers to the twelve sons of [name]Jacob[/name] (aka [name]Israel[/name]) and all of their descendants. One of [name]Jacob[/name]'s sons was [name]Judah[/name]. The majority of today’s Jews are known to be descendants of the tribe of [name]Judah[/name], which is where the term Judaism comes from (hence Jews, Jewish, etc.). The country of [name]Israel[/name] was named such because of the importance of [name]Jacob[/name]/[name]Israel[/name] in Judaism and other religions.

[name]Just[/name] wanted to give some background to the name and why some might feel it has strong connotations. Also, something to consider with the name is the intense [name]Israel[/name]-Palestine conflict at the moment. Some might see the name as a political/social statement depending on where you live.

Well [name]Israel[/name] was a name before it was a country, unlike [name]India[/name]. However, I don’t really like [name]Israel[/name] or [name]India[/name] as given names. I do think [name]Izzy[/name] would be a cute nickname for a boy though. If that’s why you like it have you thought about [name]Isidore[/name], [name]Isaiah[/name], or [name]Isaac[/name]?

I’m on my phone so this is going to be a quick reply but I really appreciate your
feedback. I really like the name but am a little worried about the political undertone as someone suggested. Maybe as a middle name though? Does [name]Cassius[/name] [name]Israel[/name] sound nice? I’m not sure it goes with our other favorite [name]Theodore[/name].

[name]Daniel[/name] [name]Boone[/name] had a son named [name]Israel[/name]. I think [name]Israel[/name] is great as a middle name. As a first name, it could be a burden because a lot of people have very strong feelings about the nation of [name]Israel[/name]. There would be a lot of expectations to live up to.

My friend’s name is [name]Israel[/name] & he is [name]Christian[/name] & completely Caucasian. When I first met him it was a little weird but now I don’t even think about it. It’s just who he is. It really is a cute name so I wouldn’t hesitate using it if I were you.

[name]Israel[/name] is a beautiful name, but while I love it, I wouldn’t use it. The reason? It is likely to be construed as symbolic of unconditional support for the policies of the state of [name]Israel[/name]. [name]India[/name] is different, in part because [name]India[/name] and the US aren’t nearly as politically intertwined as [name]Israel[/name] and the US, but also because [name]India[/name]'s foreign policy tends to be less controversial. A recent UN report said that during the Israeli takeover of that ship (in international waters), Israeli soldiers executed a helplessly wounded American citizen by shooting him point-blank in the head. If that were true of [name]India[/name], I wouldn’t name my kid that either. I’m not saying you can’t name a child [name]Israel[/name], obviously, just that you need to be aware of the possible messages it sends. Sorry to be such a bummer.

There is nothing wrong with the name. I like actually wanted to add it to my list, but it is too popular for my personal taste. Still, it is an amazing name, and you don’t have to be Jewish to use it. I know SEVERAL guys with the name…an they aren’t anywhere near Jewish.