In Utero Nicknames :)

Okay - so we all have them - in utero nicknames. What do you and your partner call your yet-to-born bundle of joy?

I have to admit we go for the rather common “bean.”

Though this has morphed into the silly starbaby name “Laser Bean Shreveport [name]Parker[/name]” (our gag name when asked what name we’re considering! No way we’d call the baby this, lol!)

Relampago [name]Blanco[/name] (“White Lightning”) - no idea why, we just thought it was funny. it’s since died down in use but it comes out once in awhile.

THAT is just fantastic, lol! You made my day :smiley:

glad I could brighten your day. it actually came from an episode of “[name]Man[/name] vs. Food” that we were watching on the Travel [name]Channel[/name] right after we found out my wife was pregnant.

ours is hoagie; i only want to eat ridiculous cliff huxtable-style sandwiches.

When we’re thinking its a girl, we call it [name]Orla[/name].
When we’re thinking its a boy, we call it [name]Chester[/name].

Basically we think those are 2 of the worst names out there (sorry all you Orlas and Chesters) and that its funny for folk to think that might b the kid’s real name.

The name that is brought up as a joke for each pregnancy in my family is [name]Chance[/name] [name]Monty[/name] (game show host, right?) Hubby and I started telling people that was a name we were considering when asked. It eventually grew on us as nickname-as in [name]Chance[/name] its a girl, [name]Chance[/name] its a boy.

My cousin’s baby was called Popcorn before it was born. Now, the nickname Popcorn has stuck so instead of [name]Zane[/name] [name]Rylan[/name] (his name), we call him Popcorn. I bet they weren’t thinking about that before he was born!

we call ours “The Teeny-Weeny” - “TW” for short :slight_smile:

When I was pregnant with my first daughter [name]Caitlin[/name], I called her Wolfie. I’m not sure why, but I just did.

My husband said that when my step-daughter was still yet to be born her mother wouldn’t let him give it a name so, he was ecstatic to get to help come up with a nickname for our babies before it was born.

Our son [name]Owen[/name] was Static, coming from how ecSTATIC my husband was.

Our twins [name]Savannah[/name] and [name]Elizabeth[/name] were nicknamed Tic and Tac because our son who was three at the time saw the first ultrasound and thought they looked like tic tacs!

The baby we are having right now we are calling [name]Cloud[/name], and once again, I’m not sure why we chose to call the baby this.

For my daughter, I have to admit my husband and I called her “meat lump”. I’m not really sure where it came from, but it lasted all the way until the day she was born. At that time (the pregnancy), I was teaching in a middle school and went on the 8th grade DC trip. I also called [name]Sonja[/name] meat lump around my students, and they were used to the name. I remember this one time on the trip when we were at a play, and during intermission I really had to use the restroom (as many pregnant women frequently have to). I pushed my way through the long line, and when a few of my students turned to stare, I said ( a bit too loudly ), “Meat lump is standing on my bladder.” I got the oddest looks from everyone else waiting in line. :slight_smile:

ZimZam - it’s my husband’s doing - kind of a take on a (somali) student of mine and our last name. sigh it has stuck and the baby responds to it sadly…lol

[name]Even[/name] though we don’t know what the sex is yet we call the baby little miss “never miss a meal” because I NEVER MISS A MEAL ANYMORE. [name]Even[/name] when I’ve just eaten breakfast, I am deciding what I want for lunch.