When you are working on names, do you also look at what the initals would be???

Would you throw a combo out the window if the initals spelled something??

I found a doable combo, but the initals spell “MOM”! Ha! Would something like that bug you?

I always think about initials, for my own kids, but also on other people. For example: I know a girl with the initials E.A.T ([name]Emily[/name] [name]Alice[/name], which i think is actually lovely) who happens to be overweight. I think about her anytime I meet a child with unfortunate initials.

I think there are some initials that are a problem (that EAT story is very unfortunate!), but MOM should be fine. When I was little I remember wishing my initials spelled something.

as long as the initials don’t spell anything vulgar or embarrassing, you should be fine. I think I only paid attention to what initials spelled in 3rd grade and I got over that phase quickly.

My initials are B.M.W. and my husbands are V.W. that is more humorous than unfortunate but it always make us consider the initials for sure

Absolutely! My last names ends with a “C”. There are quite a few initials that could sound like a bad word if we weren’t careful.

Oh yeah not to mention we look at how a name looks using first and middle initials only with a full last name. This what my DH’s work does. He works with a DR [name]Pepper[/name].

Good point! I have a friend who married a P Nurse. Unfortunately her name begins with an A, so they’re A Nurse and P Nurse. Haha. Juvenile, but it still makes me laugh, and they’ve been married for about 8 years.

I do consider it, but only if it’s bad or embarrassing as pp said. I avoided a particular combination for DD that would have been initials SLO–and ended up with GLO instead!