initials spell unappealing word??? NEED FEEDBACK

[name]Hi[/name] berries,
I’m debating twin boy #2’s name…twin boy #1 will [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Charles[/name].

We are settled on [name]Edward[/name] for #2’s first name, but I’m not completely sold that he’ll go by this name all the time. I want to give him another option with his middle name, just in case [name]Edward[/name] is not his cup of tea. We like it a lot, but it has an older connotation for me.

I’m considering [name]Edward[/name] [name]Joseph[/name], as well as [name]Edward[/name] [name]Eli[/name] or [name]Edward[/name] [name]Eliot[/name]. We’d like classic/fairly common/not too unusual for the middle name. My older son is [name]James[/name] [name]Henry[/name].

Now, on to the problematic initial part…I’ve always liked the name [name]Eli[/name] ([name]Eliot[/name]) alot, but if we went with [name]Edward[/name] [name]Eli[/name] “L…” his initials would be “EEL”. Is this a big deal??? Not the greatest initials, but not anything terrible, either.


First off, I love the name [name]Edward[/name]!

I don’t have a really clear answer for you.

If it were my child, I would search for a different middle name because it would simply bug me. :wink:

But at the same time, I don’t think it is that big of a deal. Most people won’t know his middle name, and it isn’t like it spells FAT or something worse. [name]Even[/name] if he had documents with his middle initial, [name]Edward[/name] E. L ---- doesn’t jump out as problematic to me. You really have to think about it, and not many people will. However, I think the middle name [name]Eli[/name] has to be the CLEAR favorite to be worth taking on those initials. I personally like [name]Edward[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] the best, anyway…but you need to go with what you love.

I really don’t think EEL is that big of a deal to where you would have to give up a favorite name for your child. I was expecting a three-letter swear word when I clicked on this post, haha.

I agree with bananaberry. I was expecting ASS or DAM when I clicked on the post. EEL is no big deal at all imo.

I don’t think it’s a big deal, as long as it doesn’t bother you

Nope. If he needs to mark something with his initials, he can just use [name]EL[/name], and if he needs something monogrammed, it would look like ELE, not EEL. EEL isn’t that terrible, honestly…

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

PS I love [name]James[/name] [name]Henry[/name], [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Charles[/name], and [name]Edward[/name]!

PPS I think [name]Edward[/name] [name]Elias[/name] sounds better than [name]Edward[/name] [name]Eliot[/name]; it has a slightly different E sound!

So EEL as an initial set in my mind isn’t an issue. I would, however, be bothered by the alliteration, but that’s a personal pet peeve of mine.

I don’t think EEL is bad. I wouldn’t worry about it.

EEL isnt a bad initial at all! In fact, your boy might even like his initials spelling something cool.

I really like [name]Edward[/name] [name]Joseph[/name].

Well, as an adult, EEL doesn’t sound that bad to me, but don’t forget that kids can make fun of the most innocuous things. My initials are [name]JAK[/name], and as stupid as it sounds now, I was teased about it a few times ("[name]Jack[/name]") and found it really embarrassing. I avoided putting my initials on anything! I don’t really have an opinion about EEL one way or another–just throwing my experiences out there for you to consider!

Eels are cool. What’s the big deal?