Innappropriate descriptions?

I’ve noticed on a number of names, some of which I really like, the description doesnt just include an origin or history or ‘could sound like’ advice- but a straight up negative comment about the name. The negativity is entirely opinion (of the writer), not a useful consideration. Its completely unnecessary. These are actual names and calling someones name ‘bad’ is innapropriate, especially as this is an entire site about different names! It irks me and there seems to be no way to flag, report or change that kind of unhelpfully rude comment. Is there some way to mark specific names for that kind of review?

See: [name_f]Corvina[/name_f] or [name_f]Merona[/name_f]


I’ve noticed this too but am not talented enough to screenshot. I agree! I prefer more professionalism in a website and statements like these could be insulting not only to the language of origin but also make anyone considering a name feel bad for what they like.

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Hiya! I agree that some descriptions out there are too harsh, or contain other issues - we have a thread dedicated to talking about these entries and suggesting changes! You can post about them here Database entries you’d like to see amended


[name_m]Ah[/name_m], thats useful, thanks! It didnt pop up when I was looking.

I wish there was a way to flag the entry directly for a review though, that would be much easier than a long forum thread!