Interesting Article Re Name Regret

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I know of a woman who changed her daughters name when she was around 2 years old.
She’s now [name]Jade[/name], I don’t recall her original name…but [name]Jade[/name] suits her much better.

I also know of another girl who’s name was changed at a few months.

Really, I think once the child’s personality starts to show, then that’s how parents realize how off the name is, or perhaps they hear of a new name they never thought of.

This is my biggest worry actually. I bounce around so much in which names I love/hate that I’m worried I’ll love a name while I’m pregnant, and for the first while, and end up hating it after and having major namers remorse.

I know a handful of parents that have changed their babies names because they didn’t love it as much as they thought they did. But not many.