Iosef -- pronunciation & thoughts

[name]How[/name] would you pronounce Iosef?

Without looking it up to see the correct pronunciation, I’d say yo-seff. Maybe with a slight “ee” sound at the beginning.

The “j” is pronounced as a y, [name]Yo[/name]-ssef – the s is more voiced. “J/Y” is not a letter in Greek – the Hebrew names beginning with Y being translated as J – so all those names are spelled with an I. The more common [name]German[/name] spelling is [name]Josef[/name], same prn. I wouldn’t necessarily go with this spelling because it’s both archaic and not in the same style as your other two, [name]Peregrine[/name] and [name]Donald[/name]. If you’re using the English spelling for [name]Donald[/name], you should probably stick with the English spelling for [name]Joseph[/name] too.

I grew up with a kid named [name]Josef[/name] ([name]Yo[/name]-sef) so I would say Iosef the same way, though for similar sounds and easier spelling I’d go with [name]Josef[/name]

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