Is it just me or there are less berries around?

I honestly feel this forum has less and less replies. Anyone feels the same?


I didn’t notice anything, but also I feel like I’ve never been terribly active on the name advice part of the site anyway. Maybe the moderators can look up official user numbers/number of posts etc?

I see the same names (my own included) than I used to.

The stats have actually been trending upwards ever since we switched to Discourse just over a year ago.


Many jobs, places, and other things have begun to go back to normal the past few months! I know many studentberries have also been going through end-of-year exams recently too. And with the summer starting in the Northern Hemisphere (where the majority of berries are from) and covid regulations changing in many places, people have gotten busier.


my thoughts have been opposite. It must be new format messing my perception.

It probably also depends which categories you tend to look at. I haven’t got individual stats for, say, #boy-baby-names or #baby-name-games.