Is Sidney lost to the girls forever?

See the results of this poll: Is Sidney still okay for a boy or gone to the girls forever?

Respondents: 18 (This poll is closed)

  • Still okay for a boy.: 10 (56%)
  • Gone to the girls.: 4 (22%)
  • Not sure.: 4 (22%)

If my friend has a boy he will be called either [name]Walter[/name], [name]Bertie[/name] or [name]Sidney[/name]! [name]Sidney[/name] being her fave.

You go for it. It is traditionally a boys name so no-one will think its a weird choice. I personally prefer [name]Sidney[/name] for a boy, I’m not a fan of little girl Sydneys, whereas [name]Elliot[/name], for example, is better on a girl - in my opinion.

Good luck xx

I know a [name]Sid[/name], just [name]Sid[/name], who is about ten, so I only see it as a boys name. He does go by [name]Sidney[/name] sometimes as a sort of nickname. I think it’s an awesome name :slight_smile:

Argh. I think it may be… which stinks because I prefer it for a boy and it was on my list for so long but little [name]Sydney[/name]'s kept popping up EVERYWHERE. I really hoped for a little [name]Sid[/name] some day… it’s too girl heavy in my area so I wouldn’t do it… but if it’s not in your area [name]DO[/name] IT. Go with it, bring it back to the boys where it belongs!

For me, this is one of those names where spelling makes all the difference. I see [name]Sidney[/name] as a boy, but [name]Sydney[/name] as a girl.

i’ve always loved [name]Sidney[/name] for a boys name :frowning:

I’ve always hated the [name]Sidney[/name] spelling, which causes me to think of it as mainly female. That said, even a male [name]Sydney[/name] wouldn’t feel odd to me, unlike a male [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Evelyn[/name] or [name]Courtney[/name].

I cannot imagine a girl named [name]Sidney[/name].

It is an old man’s name and while I have heard it used on a child recently I think it is one to be kept in past history not one good for revival.

Thanks to everyone for your votes and input. So far it looks like if I named my son [name]Sidney[/name] half the people I’d meet would feel it’s still a boys name. I guess those odds are okay. This is a hypothetical son by the way.

Here is the low down on [name]Sidney[/name] vs. [name]Sydney[/name] here in the US.

Here the stats on [name]Sidney[/name] at the SSA for 2008
For boys [name]Sidney[/name] ranked #813
For girls [name]Sidney[/name] ranked #523

Here are the stats on [name]Sydney[/name] at the SSA for 2008
For boys [name]Sydney[/name] hasn’t touched the top 1000 in last 10 years
For girls [name]Sydney[/name] ranked #49

So I guess statistically speaking either way [name]Sidney[/name]/[name]Sydney[/name] does lean towards girls. :frowning:
However for girls [name]Sidney[/name], at least here in the US is hardly used in comparison to [name]Sydney[/name].