Is Simeon usable?

I’m really loving the name [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]. However, I do know about the simian monkey meaning. Is [name_m]Simeon[/name_m] still usable? My circle of family and friends includes a lot of religious people who wouldn’t ever think about the monkey thing. They would only think about it being a Biblical name.

So outside of my circle of family and friends, would [name_m]Simeon[/name_m] be made fun of? I do not like the name [name_m]Simon[/name_m], so that’s not an option.

Thank you!

If [name_m]Fox[/name_m] and [name_m]Bear[/name_m] are being given to kids, you could fairly name a kid Simian.

[name_m]Simeon[/name_m] is an underused classic and fits in well with 2 current trends: ends in N, rare Bible names.

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I think it’s totally usable! I know a [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]!

A large number of people will think first and foremost of ‘simian.’ I’d suspect a large number of people worldwide (perhaps non native English speakers) might pronounce it [name_m]Sime[/name_m]-on (as in [name_m]Simon[/name_m]).

I did read it and instantly think, “like the apes?” but I like apes and while it might be something kids will make jokes about you could teach your son that even if they do, monkeys are fearsome but intelligent, strong and brave, so what is there to really make fun of?

I didn’t even think of the monkey connection until it was mentioned. I think [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]'s a great name, and I’d be surprised if children would even notice the association (I wouldn’t have haha).

I think by the time kids learn the meaning of simian they ought to out of the teasing stage. I like the name [name_m]Simeon[/name_m], it’s on my list along with [name_m]Silas[/name_m] and [name_m]Jonas[/name_m] ([name_m]Sylvan[/name_m] is similar too, if not biblical).

This exactly!

We have a little boy at school named [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]! Great name!

I love [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]!! It has much more flair and style than [name_m]Simon[/name_m] which I like as well. I did not think of the monkeys AT ALL personally. You can even give nn [name_m]Ian[/name_m] if the monkey thing is really an issue

I’m sitting over here going… what? Monkeys? There are monkeys with soundalike name to [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]? That’s really a thing?

I’m not a fan of monkeys. I don’t visit them at the zoo, I don’t watch online videos about them, and I don’t think they are cute. Actually, I do my best to avoid anything having to do with them and I’m really thankful I don’t live in a place where those revolting, smelly pests are native.

So no, I didn’t think of a monkey connection, and [name_m]Simeon[/name_m] is a great name. I know one, in his 20s. Also, the above suggestion of nn [name_m]Ian[/name_m] is pretty cool.

Thank you all! I’m glad I’m just over thinking it! I wouldn’t have ever thought about it until I read the nameberry information about the name [name_m]Simeon[/name_m] and there’s a comment about it being similar to the word for “apelike”.

I know of a [name_m]Simeon[/name_m]. I think it’s totally usable (didn’t even think of the monkey thing!)

I think it’s usable. The “simian” connection didn’t occur to me until I read your post.

I have never heard of the monkeys. I thought of it as a completely useable Biblical name.

My first thought was simian. I’m not a fan, but based on the majority of responses here, the fact that the name and word sound exactly alike might not be a big problem.

Where I live it is a pretty popular name so you definitely can use it!

I’m not sure, the kids at school could make fun of him in later year groups for pretty much being named after a monkey. (Middle school or secondary, depending on where you’re from).

My name is [name_m]Simeon[/name_m], so let me tell you all my opinion (since it matters more because I personally live with this name, haha)! It’s true that people would somewhat tease me by saying my name sounds like “simian”, but I never really had a problem with it at all growing up, and now as an adult I like decorating my room and laptop with little cute monkey stickers. [name_f]My[/name_f] siblings and friends joke about it, but it’s more endearing if anything :slight_smile: It’s never bothered me, and it definitely adds to the cuteness of the name IMO. :see_no_evil:

The Spanish pronunciation of my name is “seem-YOHN” so that’s the other pronunciation I’m used to (mostly by my older relatives). I love my name [name_m]Sim[/name_m]-ee-in, and so many people have commented on how cute it is

Fun fact—I also get called a lot of cute names by my friends like [name_m]Sim[/name_m], Simz, Simmers, [name_m]Simmy[/name_m], etc., and I have a lot more endearing nicknames and playful names with my circle of friends and family. In general, I love my name and I hiiiighly recommend it for your kids! Haha #ambassador

I love this name but my partner vetoed it because of the connection to the word simian. While it will definitely come up with your child’s peers eventually, it’s not a word that I would expect young kids to know and I wouldn’t worry about it on the playground.

Adults may have opinions about it though. Personally I know I have to be careful about choosing a name that my dad could make fun of my kid for - celebrity names, place names, that sort of thing are all off-limits. So beware if you have anyone like that in your life. I can’t use the name [name_u]Denver[/name_u] because it is guaranteed that my dad will call the kid [name_u]Colorado[/name_u] his whole life. I lose sleep over it. If you don’t have a jackass like my dad in your life though then I say go for it!

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