Is the family you went on to have bigger , the same size or smaller than the one you were born into?

same size

So far smaller as we have just had our first baby!
But in the end i think it will be bigger because we plan on having more than 3 kids

So far smaller, but we plan to have a few more so it’ll probably end up bigger

Much smaller! I grew up as the 4th of 6 siblings (gained 2 more siblings as an adult). I only have one child, who may end up being our only one.

I come from a family of three kids, hoping to have at least one biological baby, so likely smaller unless we adopt in the future.

Smaller, atm. But could still grow :blush:

A bit bigger. [name_f]My[/name_f] mom had two. I have three.


[name_m]Bigger[/name_m]. There was just me and my twin brother. I have 5 children.

Same size as mine – two and two. [name_f]My[/name_f] husband is the youngest of 3 but we don’t plan to have any more.

We’re planning to be slightly bigger, both DH and I are the youngest of two siblings, we’re currently hoping to have three children total. That being said, we may reassess after having 2.

Ours will definitely be smaller, I come from 4 and he comes from 3. we’re expecting our first and stopping at 1 or 2 kids

Same. I am 1 of 2.

For my partner it’s smaller as he is 3 of 4.

We decided pre-kids that we would have one, re-assess and possibly have a second, but we were both pretty set on no more than 2 (minus the possibility of twins the second time). I was pretty okay with being one and done, but he wanted that second child and I came around. We have a 2 year-old son and are expecting a second child.

[name_m]Bigger[/name_m] for both me and my husband. We have 4 kids. I am one of 3 and he is one of 2. I always wanted 4 because I didn’t like being the odd one out in a family of three, and I definitely wanted more than 2.

Smaller. I wanted it to be the same size, but we unexpectededly had high risk pregnancies and births, and may also have ND kiddos, too scary and exhausting to have more :sweat_smile:

Smaller. I’m 1 of 3, my partner is 1 of 3 (but two are half sisters) and we have 2. We are open to the idea of more though but for now it’s smaller.

Right now smaller though we are planning to be the same (we are both 1 of 3) however we arent set in stone against having a 4th so it could be bigger. Who knows what will happen

realistically, probably smaller. im one of three, and while id love to have three or four, I can also just as easily see myself stopping at two. especially if I go the smbc route!

Same size

Mine was only ever going to be smaller as I’m the oldest of 9… no way would I even want to get close to that, haha! We plan on having 2 or at the most 3.