Is the family you went on to have bigger , the same size or smaller than the one you were born into?

same size

So far smaller as we have just had our first baby!
But in the end i think it will be bigger because we plan on having more than 3 kids

So far smaller, but we plan to have a few more so it’ll probably end up bigger

Much smaller! I grew up as the 4th of 6 siblings (gained 2 more siblings as an adult). I only have one child, who may end up being our only one.

I come from a family of three kids, hoping to have at least one biological baby, so likely smaller unless we adopt in the future.

Smaller, atm. But could still grow :blush:

A bit bigger. [name_f]My[/name_f] mom had two. I have three.


[name_m]Bigger[/name_m]. There was just me and my twin brother. I have 5 children.

Same size as mine – two and two. [name_f]My[/name_f] husband is the youngest of 3 but we don’t plan to have any more.

We’re planning to be slightly bigger, both DH and I are the youngest of two siblings, we’re currently hoping to have three children total. That being said, we may reassess after having 2.