Is this stupid?

Okay I’m not sure how to explain it it but I did some pretty dumb stuff and now I’m paying for it. I haven’t had a monthly in two three months but I took a test it said it was negative but I still feel like something is not right or I’m being stupid about the situation?

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This would be a time to consult an OBGYN or clinic to get a more accurate result or, if necessary, determine what other than pregnancy could have affected your cycle (stress, hormonal changes, etc).


I second the consult your dr. advice. Sometimes if you are several months along, a pregnancy test will come back negative, its called the hook effect. Its not common but it is a possibility.

But regardless of whether you’re pregnant, if you usually have a regular period and now you are not, and you dont have a reason for it, its probably time to visit your dr. and see whats going on.