Is this too similar

I have 3 children and my sons name is [name_u]Arlo[/name_u]. Hubby and I love names with the letters l and o in them.

Our oldest is [name_f]Joely[/name_f] then [name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and [name_u]Bristol[/name_u] is our one year old. We are expecting baby number 4.

I recently heard the name [name_f]Orla[/name_f] and can’t get it out of my head. Hubby thinks it’s too similar to Arlos name.

For girls we have:


We both really like [name_u]Elliot[/name_u] for a girl but don’t want to have one kid with a 3 syllable name and the rest with 2 syllable names.

Anyone have any suggestions?

[name_f]Chloe[/name_f] has been suggested more then once but we really don’t like it.

I do think that [name_f]Orla[/name_f] is a little too close to [name_u]Arlo[/name_u]. I think it’s fine to have siblings with differences in the syllables of their names (me and my sister have three and four syllable names, well two and four syllable names if you use her nickname that she always goes by, and ours is a really pretty sibset.) You could name her [name_f]Aurora[/name_f] [name_u]Lee[/name_u] with the nickname [name_f]Orla[/name_f] or use [name_u]Elliot[/name_u].

I think [name_f]Orla[/name_f] and [name_u]Arlo[/name_u] are a little close, but if you love it, you should use it. They are individuals, they aren’t going to be a “sibset” their entire lives! That said, by favorite from your list is [name_f]Flora[/name_f].
There’s also
[name_f]Laurel[/name_f] (no ‘o’ but it sounds like it)

[name_m]Way[/name_m] too close for me. I like [name_f]Flora[/name_f] from your short list and the PPs suggestion of [name_f]Clio[/name_f] and [name_f]Olive[/name_f]. I really don’t like [name_u]Elliot[/name_u] on a girl. What about [name_f]Eleanor[/name_f], [name_f]Lenore[/name_f] or [name_f]Liora[/name_f]?

[name_f]Olive[/name_f] = Beautiful!

I would use [name_f]Lola[/name_f].

I highly recommend [name_f]Opal[/name_f]. It’s a beautiful vintage name. I also recommend the name [name_u]Hollis[/name_u]. I knew a [name_u]Hollis[/name_u] who was really smart, beautiful and a talented dancer. [name_u]Lennox[/name_u] might be really nice, too! I would probably not worry too much about having a 3 syllable name, as I nearly pronounce [name_f]Joely[/name_f] that way, and [name_u]Bristol[/name_u] is actually a long name for having only two syllables, but that’s just me. There are many nice names with ‘o’ and ‘l’. Good luck!

[name_f]Joely[/name_f], [name_u]Bristol[/name_u], [name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and


I wouldn’t have any issues about using [name_f]Orla[/name_f], but I agree that [name_f]Opal[/name_f] is also a beautiful choice.

[name_m]Way[/name_m] too close for me. They’re the exact same four letters with only the vowels rearranged, after all. I wouldn’t be concerned about the number of syllables – most people would never notice that unless it’s as extreme as using a five-syllable name after sticking with one syllable for the others.

I honestly think all three of the names on your current short list are too close to [name_u]Arlo[/name_u], sorry.

I think [name_u]Elliot[/name_u] would be a good choice for you (or [name_u]Ellery[/name_u]?) and I wouldn’t let the syllable thing bother me. PP’s suggestion of [name_f]Olive[/name_f] is also good. Also [name_f]Oona[/name_f] but I’m not sure if that’s your style.

definitely too close. i think you keep thinking about it because it’s similar.

flora would be great. or olive.

i think if bristol is a girl, elliot would be a cute pairing. and i think if arlo is the only boy then he can have a shorter name, no big deal.

I love [name_f]Lola[/name_f], it flows wonderfully with your other children’s names

We like [name_f]Cleo[/name_f] but aren’t digging the whole A B C name thing. So I don’t know now.

[name_u]Elliott[/name_u] is out, [name_f]Chloe[/name_f] is out, [name_f]Cleo[/name_f] is out, [name_f]Olive[/name_f] is okay though neither DH nor I like it 100%.

[name_m]How[/name_m] about these choices now:


[name_m]Gandolf[/name_m] (hubby added this to the list as a joke, I hope)

I think [name_f]Orla[/name_f] is too similar to [name_u]Arlo[/name_u]. I really like [name_f]Flora[/name_f].

[name_f]Joely[/name_f], [name_u]Arlo[/name_u], [name_u]Bristol[/name_u], &

[name_f]Cleo[/name_f] (or [name_f]Clio[/name_f])

[name_m]How[/name_m] about [name_f]Orly[/name_f]?

Still two syllables but not the same letters as [name_u]Arlo[/name_u].
But the other thing my running a million miles a minute brain is thinking about is [name_f]Orly[/name_f] and [name_f]Joely[/name_f] have the same ending sound. So what about that?

I think we are down to:


We have decided that if this baby is a boy his name will be [name_u]Lennon[/name_u].

I like [name_f]Lola[/name_f] [name_u]Elliot[/name_u] :slight_smile:

[name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and [name_f]Orla[/name_f] is too similar. What about Loya? It is similar to [name_f]Lola[/name_f]. Or a name that begins with A?
[name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and [name_f]Avalon[/name_f]
[name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and [name_f]Annaliese[/name_f]
[name_u]Arlo[/name_u] and [name_u]Arya[/name_u] etc.

I think [name_f]Orla[/name_f] and [name_f]Orly[/name_f] are both too close. I do like [name_f]Flora[/name_f] though.

Some other suggestions.


Too close. My neighbor’s name is [name_f]Ora[/name_f], which sounds a little funny at first, but it fits her well and it sounds kinda nice. That still might be to close though.

I think [name_f]Orla[/name_f] is fine. It is similar to [name_u]Arlo[/name_u] - I should probably point out that they use the name 4 letters. But I still love it, and if your husband ever comes around, I would never stop you from using it!