Issues with Ads (Mobile)

The last few weeks my ad placement on the mobile site has been horrendous and making the forums difficult to use. I’ve tried hitting the X sending feedback that the ad blocks content, but it hasn’t seemed to help or change anything. Often times it doesn’t let me even hit the X to send feedback to google as it’ll open the thread hidden underneath instead of allowing interaction with the ad itself.
Not sure if this is a google ad problem or a mobile formatting problem. I’m currently using an iOS phone.
Here’s a couple screen shots to show what I mean!

I’ve had the same problem, even with four different ad blockers running. I’m thinking of trying the [name_m]Brave[/name_m] Browser app.

I completely understand that Nameberry needs the ads and a lot of it is out of the mods’ hands, but it is a little annoying.

I’ve been having ad issues - I use a laptop, so it’s not just a mobile problem. I’ve especially found it an issue when voting on polls as the ads seem to affect the placement of the options in the polls. I will click on the option I want, but when the results come up it thinks I have voted for the option above or below. And sometimes I can’t even click anywhere near the option that I want.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone. Are these popuos or regular ads that are blocking content?

@pam - For me they are regular ads, not pop ups, you can see where they should be on the page and the ad just appears outside it’s usual programmed/coded container. In the screen shots there’s all that blank white space under a few of the ads where you’d expect the ad to show up normally, but it’s usually way above, or in the one case the ad exceeds the space it was originally given.

Thank you. Is it happening randomly or in certain spots or pages? Trying to collect as much info as possible so our engineer and ad team can address

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@pam - I just did some quick checking, it seems to only be happening on the forums main page, forums subcategories and in the threads themselves for me. The name searches/lists appear to be forming properly still, no large gaps or ads covering content.

I was having issues with ads on mobile too. I don’t even know how best to describe it, but sometimes there will be ads that show up when you’re scrolling down a page, and they are like part of the scroll? Like you can scroll up and down on the ad, too, as if it’s just part of the Nameberry UI. But they literally show up and block out whatever is behind them; if the ad is on a thread, then one or more posts is literally unable to be read since the ad kind of takes their spot. There’s no way I’ve found to minimize them or get around them. If I encounter this again I will take a screenshot / recording to show what I mean.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone, I did a lot of hopping around the forums last night and only saw one problematic ad. This might be a pain, but if you’re willing to take a screenshot and capture the url, the more the better, and email that to me at, that would be hugely helpful. The engineer’s first step will always be to try to reproduce the problem, and if they can’t, they have trouble fixing it. Often the problem can be fixed with a simple adjustment to the code or taking down a certain kind of ad, but they need to experience it before they can identify and fix it.

I’ll continue random scrolling myself. Thank you!