I read some medieval rolls, in which [name]Iuliana[/name] was listed, I dug it out from the early 13th Century [name]England[/name] roll. According to Nameberry, this is the Romanian version of the latin [name]Julia[/name]. [name]Iuliana[/name] has become a guilty pleasure of mine, I might even like it. It sounds exactly as its meaning, „youthful". What do you berries make of [name]Iuliana[/name]?

[name]Yul[/name]-lee-on-ah? I think it’s nice. I thought it was Luliana which I like less because it’s harder for me to pronounce without getting tongue tied.

I like it. I don’t generally like the “I” instead of “J” names, or the “Y” instead of “I” names, but I met the cutest little girl named [name]Clara[/name] Iuli@n0 last summer, and she was just so adorable. So [name]Iuliana[/name] reminds me of her, I like it. It does feel a bit GPish, though.