I've been swept off my feet by this beautiful Welsh name!! :)

So I was just lazily going through some websites for Welsh names out of boredom. When I spotted a girl’s name that captured my interest. Now I’ll admit the spelling did throw me off for a minute. But once I found out how to pronounce it…I just fell for it.
The name? [name]Briallen[/name]! Yes [name]Briallen[/name].

My husband thinks its very unusual (obviously!) and pretty and also meaningful since both of our families have Welsh background.

Also another bonus is it means primrose.

So anyways…sorry for the rant :slight_smile: So I was very much wondering what your opinions are on [name]Briallen[/name]?? (We pronounce it [name]Bree[/name]-allen- which probably isn’t how its pronounced in Welsh but its the most attractive pronunciation to us). We like the nickname [name]Bree[/name] or [name]Brie[/name].

So… thoughts? :slight_smile:

Too adorable, love it! especially the nn [name]Brie[/name]

Like the nn name [name]Bree[/name] but spelled like that as ‘[name]Brie[/name]’ just makes me think of the cheese. : )

I love this name so much, but it’s not pronounced brie-allen. The ll in welsh has an h sound in front of it that I simply can’t say or explain properly. Anyways, the break in the name makes it more like bria-HLEN. Not sure this really helps…

Of course, if you use it in the US, everyone will automatically think it is brie-allen anyways, so the welsh prn probably doesn’t matter in the least if you are stateside :slight_smile:

and this is the part where I apologize for responding in the middle of the night since upon second read, you’re in [name]Canada[/name] AND you guessed the name had a different Welsh pronunciation. I think it’s bedtime for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always been somewhat fond of [name]Brielle[/name] and [name]Briella[/name], and this is very similar, so the sound appeals to me, but the ‘[name]Allen[/name]’ ending hits me as being slightly masculine.

I’m not a huge fan, sorry. I want to like it but I’m not a huge fan of [name]Briana[/name] or [name]Allen[/name] and together it just puts me off. :frowning: I think Welsh/Gaelic/Irish/Scottish names can be a bit tricky with pronunciations, too. The one pronunciation I found was bree-[name]AH[/name]-hlen. I am not too fond of [name]Brie[/name]/[name]Bri[/name]/[name]Bree[/name], so I would probably use [name]Allie[/name] as a nn even though it’s a bit more out-there. I like other Welsh names more, like [name]Gwendolen[/name], Elowen, or even [name]Morgana[/name]…

It’s not my favourite Welsh name. My favourite is [name]Angharad[/name], followed by [name]Dilys[/name], [name]Ceridwen[/name], Mafanwy, [name]Olwen[/name], and [name]Branwen[/name]. I would so use [name]Angharad[/name] if I were naming a child today (my kids are grown).

[name]Briallen[/name] … I can’t say I like the spelling.

Llandudno for example is pronounced more like clan-dud-no than lan-dud-no. but the clan has more of a chlah sound … so i’m thinking it would be pronounced [name]Bree[/name]-ahch-lan in welsh?

I love the sound of bree-achh-lan, think it sounds quite exotic and pretty although possibly a bit masculine? [name]Brie[/name]-allan though i’m on the fence about.

[name]Do[/name] not like it…sorry it just turns me off with the allen part and I. Am not a fan of bri names…the best one I have known was named Breseas…
I also like Brishen (bree shen)…and had a friend when I was little who’s full name was Brilyssa

I love [name]Briallen[/name]. I pronounce the last two syllables as [name]AH[/name]-len (rhymes with pollen) rather than [name]AL[/name]-len (like the male name [name]Alan[/name].) I think it’s very strong and interesting. The bri- beginning makes it very wearable to me because it’s similar to more popular names.

Interesting and pretty, though it does make me think of [name]Brianna[/name], which I never saw the appeal of. Perhaps because I know too many Brians. Brielle, too, which has some different associations altogether…

It definitely has the same masculine/tomboy flair to it.

I don’t love it because of the strong [name]Allen[/name] sound which makes it seem masculine to me, but it is an authentic Welsh name, so if you love it, there’s no harm in using it.