Jatie Baby Name

Yesterday, Jatie Vlogs uploaded the gender of their baby and their having a girl!!! Sorry if I spoiled it… I’ve already started thinking of names they would like. What would you name Josh and Katie’s baby?

Both Josh and Katie sometimes go by Joshy B or Katie B, so I think they would go for a name that ends in the -ee sound so they can go by -ee B like them. The only name they have given is Brock/Brockalina and they are both joke names.
So here is what I would think they would name baby Brueckner…

Lillian Brueckner aka Lilly or Lilly B
Hallie Brueckner aka Hallie B
Emmeline Brueckner aka Emmy B (or another Emmy name)
Bailey Brueckner aka Bailey B
Demi Brueckner aka Demi B

I have a few others but these are my top 5

I’m not even sure who these people are. I’m not one to be caught up on the latest famous people. But would it make more sense for this to be put in celebrity names?

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I put it under celebrity names and it got deleted, so I added it to this one!

I merged it into another topic since there was already a topic dedicated to this family. I don’t think creating another post is necessary.


[name_f]My[/name_f] post is completely different from the other one… The other one was about the gender, this is more towards the name ideas

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It did have a poll about the gender but also asked for name suggestions. That user’s topic about name suggestions only also got closed for being close to the previous

I think, either way, both topics are for one baby and it would be more helpful for the community if all discussion about them was in one place :slight_smile:


[name_f]My[/name_f] post is ONLY focused on names while the others was mostly about the gender. Mine is more of a discussion about name ideas for their daughter. Sorry if its close to you, but I just think its kinda different…

Never watched them, but, based on their Insta and a glance at their YT:


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@ethelmary is absolutely right. There’s already a topic in the Celebrity Baby Names forum about this couple’s baby which covers both the gender and name suggestions. Please use the original topic to talk about the gender and names for this baby. We don’t need multiple topics on one celeb baby.