Jersey for a girl

We’re expecting baby girl #2. We have a list of names but my husband’s number one pick is [name_u]Jersey[/name_u]. I do love it, but have a couple different names in mind I enjoy more. What are your opinions on a little girl named [name_u]Jersey[/name_u]? I have known one [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] in my life and her name fit her to a T.

I quite like it - it has a pleasant sound and ring to it

I have to give it a thumbs down because all I think of is a sweaty athletic jersey.

I can see it working, but I mostly think of sports jerseys and stereotypical loud Italians.

I wouldn’t use it. I know a dog named [name_u]Jersey[/name_u].

I can’t see it on a girl or boy. [name_u]Jersey[/name_u]…as in [name_m]New[/name_m] [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] and an article of clothing? I can only imagine the teasing…

[name_u]Jersey[/name_u] seems dirty from both associations for me. I know that’s not fair as it’s really not a bad place at all and there are some lovely areas. However from a public image standpoint- I keep thinking [name_u]America[/name_u]’s armpit.

A pleasant-sounding name that seems to come with some less-pleasant connotations. Others have mentioned sports jerseys, or the state. I grew up in in farm country, so my first thought was, “Like a [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] milk cow?” Hmm…I think you will have to decide if you love it enough to disregard all of the baggage and let your daughter create a new meaning for [name_u]Jersey[/name_u].

Best of luck and congratulations!

[name_u]Jersey[/name_u] cows and woolen jerseys are my initial thoughts. I hope you and your husband can find a name you both love, in the process as well at the moment and it’s not an easy task!

I don’t like it. I associate it with an athletic jersey, like basketball or something (sweaty and gross, yuck), [name_m]New[/name_m] [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] (I’ve never been but most of what I’ve heard about it is negative), and [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] Shore. I don’t feel like any of those are really a nice association to have with someone’s name, and besides that, [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] doesn’t really sound like a usable name to me.

Not a huge fan of [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] mainly because it doesn’t age well and it doesn’t really any real meaning in English beyond “new jersey” and sweaty sports jerseys.

I have to agree, I don’t think it’s going to be a good name for a person. I live in [name_m]New[/name_m] [name_u]Jersey[/name_u], and my thought went directly to the [name_u]Jersey[/name_u] Shore show, which gave a state with an already poor reputation (pollution, corrupt government, …) a worse reputation. I live in one of the pretty areas, btw, so I see beauty, too, in the state, but I think it’s a no go.