K Names

Any K names that are interesting, not weird, but unique, pretty, and go well as a middle name with the first name [name]Sydney[/name] and a one-syllable last name? Also, I’m looking for ones that hopefully don’t look made-up (for example: [name]Kourtnee[/name]) or are too trendy (for example: [name]Kayla[/name]). Currently my favorite is [name]Kasmira[/name]/Kasimira, but I want to expand this list. Extra points if it starts Ka-, but not mandatory.
Also, as a side note, any good nicknames for [name]Sydney[/name], that absolutely don’t include [name]Syd[/name]?

[name]How[/name] about…

[name]Katya[/name] or [name]Katia[/name]
[name]Kalinda[/name] (means sun in Hindi, so pretty)

Maybe you’ll like…

Ka”s (Ka-ee-ss, boy)

[name]Hope[/name] that helped a bit :wink:

[name]Kennedy[/name] and [name]Kaya[/name] are my faves

[name]Kerensa[/name] or Kerinsa _Cornish name meaning, “one who is loved and loves”.

[name]Kayen[/name] is a cool name although I cannot find a meaning for it. (The [name]Kay[/name] is pronounced like the [name]Ki[/name] in “kite”) It could possibly be related to a name like [name]Kaya[/name].

A possible nickname for [name]Sydney[/name] could be CiCi, Ninny or [name]Sissy[/name].


I second unicorngirl’s suggestion of [name]Kerensa[/name] - although the only one I’ve ever met spells it [name]Kerenza[/name], which I also like.

Some more ideas (sorry for any repeats!):

My name is [name]Kyle[/name], pronounced like the boys’ name but so much cooler as a girl’s name :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only met four other women named [name]Kyle[/name] in my life and we’ve all been awesome haha.



Ok so this is my first time make a list and I like more unique names hope this is helpful.


my name is [name]Kyler[/name], which is actually a boys name, but I love it and get so many compliments on it.