Kaitlyn or Katherine?

DH and I have settled on [name]Kate[/name] for our baby girl’s name… but are not agreeing on what her full formal name should be. Which do you prefer? And why?

What kind of girl do you picture when you hear each name?

I prefer [name]Katherine[/name] - timeless classic. [name]Kaitlyn[/name] is a little too trendy for my taste but there is nothing wrong with it - just my personal preference. Try kabalarians.com to compare the names.

I prefer [name]Katherine[/name]. it is timeless and classic. I picture [name]Kate[/name] as a sophisticated, chic young woman and as a very cute girl! I think [name]Katherine[/name] works better throughout a lifetime. I picture [name]Kaitlyn[/name] as a young child, not as an adult woman. I may be a little biased though, because I have a fabulous 4 year old niece whose name is [name]Katherine[/name], but is called [name]Kate[/name] or [name]Kate[/name] [name]Kate[/name]. Good luck.

I prefer [name]Katherine[/name] by far. [name]Kaitlyn[/name] is way overdone, not to mention its started to sound very dated. [name]Katherine[/name] is chaming and timeless and will never go out of style. [name]Katherine[/name] is more mature also, and will age far better than the childish [name]Kaitlyn[/name].

[name]Katherine[/name] hands down. [name]Katherine[/name] is a timeless classic. [name]Katelyn[/name]/[name]Caitlin[/name]/however you spell it is a trend that’s feeling dated.

Another vote for [name]Katherine[/name], for the same reasons! It’s so timeless. Unlike [name]Kaitlyn[/name], [name]Katherine[/name] will never seem out of date. It’ll always be as fashionable and elegant as it is today.

[name]Katherine[/name], without a doubt. This is a classic, enduring name that will serve your girl well. I say enduring because [name]Kaitlyn[/name] to me is the opposite. Very tied to the 1990s/2000s. A [name]Katherine[/name] could be any age

Please choose [name]Katherine[/name]! :!:

[name]Katherine[/name] - You can’t go wrong. It’s beautiful, classic, and ages well.


This seems a no-brainer to me. [name]Katherine[/name] for the reason stated again and again above – it’s timeless, classic. [name]Kaitlyn[/name] is:
[name]Caitlin[/name] misspelled.
Very 1980s.

From babynames.com: [name]Caitlin[/name]-- Irish form of [name]Catherine[/name]. Pronounced “Cotch-LEEN” in Irish or “[name]KATE[/name]-lin” in English.

[name]Katherine[/name], for all the reasons stated above. When I think about names I think about what they will sound like both on a child and on an adult, and honestly I would have a hard time taking Dr. [name]Kaitlyn[/name] or Chief [name]Justice[/name] [name]Kaitlyn[/name] seriously.

I prefer [name]Katherine[/name] as well, its very classic and i’m not a big fan of “[name]Kaitlyn[/name]”

Another vote for [name]Katherine[/name]! A timeless, elegant classic. :smiley:

Definitely [name]Katherine[/name]!

Another vote for [name]Katherine[/name]! In addition to the reasons cited by pps, there are so many spelling variations out there for [name]Kaitlyn[/name] now, she would have to spell it out for everyone.

Thank you all for your replies! I agree that [name]Katherine[/name] is the better choice. Hubby thinks [name]Katherine[/name] is an “old lady name.” [name]Just[/name] wanted some other opinions!