As a name, I heard it on a young twenty year old. Her husband called her Kar as a nickname.

I keep thinking of this name, is it usable or cruel?

My great grandmother’s sister was named [name]Carma[/name] and it was apparently quite common in her day. Not my style at all, but I wouldn’t call it cruel.

I know a girl name [name]Carmen[/name] who sometimes goes my [name]Carma[/name] (different spelling but same sound). I think using a more appropriate name and using [name]Carma[/name] as a nickname is better for a person - think of work situations and schooling.

[name]Karma[/name] is a concept in Buddhism and Hinduism which means " “fate, action, deed” and is the belief that action brings upon a person inevitable results either in this life or the next reincarnation; it is seen as the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to the sum of his or her deeds in the previous incarnation. It means “fate” or "action, As an English word it is used interchangeably with “fate” and “destiny”. Many Buddhists (especially in Tibet and Bhutan) are named [name]Karma[/name] and it’s a unisex name that is given to males or females. I think it’s usable for sure. I’m not getting why you would think it would be cruel.

I think either [name]Karma[/name] or [name]Carma[/name] is sweet. I wouldn’t call it cruel, its a lot more common than you think. I find it quite pretty.

I think it’s okay, but I do think of the phrase, “[name]Karma[/name]'s a b!tcR*” when I think of the name.

I wouldn’t say its cruel but it wouldn’t be the easiest name to live with. Not something I’d ever consider or use, anyway.

It’s not my favorite, but it’s not cruel. My mother teaches kindergarten and she knows a set of twins named [name]Karma[/name] and Moragen. It’s interseting.

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