Katie? Katherine?

[name]Ever[/name] since I was thirteen, I have loved the name [name]Katie[/name]! [name]How[/name] do all the Katies out there feel about it? Is it better to have [name]Katherine[/name] as a formal name?

I don’t like the name [name]Katherine[/name] but I think it would work if you called her [name]Katie[/name]!

I know a just [name]Katie[/name]… as far as I know, she’s not very fond of her name. She would have liked a longer form, which I think [name]Catherine[/name]/[name]Katherine[/name] (or one of its various forms, like [name]Katerina[/name] or [name]Caitlin[/name], etc.) would do the trick. I like [name]Catherine[/name] for its versatility–she could be [name]Cate[/name], [name]Kit[/name]/[name]Kitty[/name], [name]Erin[/name], [name]Wren[/name], etc.

Good luck!

I like many of the nicknames of [name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Catherine[/name], [name]Kay[/name], [name]Kat[/name], [name]Kit[/name], [name]Kitty[/name], [name]Katie[/name]/[name]Katy[/name], [name]Kathy[/name], etc. but I wouldn’t use any of them as a full name. I feel they lack formality, and many Catherines/Katherines suit one of those nicknames and not another. So like with [name]Elizabeth[/name] I would give them the full form and see which of the nicknames suit them best.

[name]Katherine[/name] is like a little black dress. There’s one that looks good on everybody, if its got the right accessories.

I can’t decide between [name]Katherine[/name], [name]Katharine[/name], and [name]Catherine[/name] though.

My mom is just [name]Kathy[/name], and she’s said many times that she would have preferred to be [name]Katherine[/name] or even [name]Kathleen[/name]. I generally don’t like nicknames as given names, I find them limiting.

I have a sort of shortened name and I wish I had the long form version. I feel like my name sounds childish and I also get sick of people asking me if it’s short for the long version. I’d go with [name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Kathleen[/name]/[name]Caitlin[/name]/[name]Katerina[/name]… some longer form. If you really hate them, maybe [name]Kate[/name] instead of [name]Katie[/name]. [name]Katie[/name] really sounds like a nickname and sort of a young one.

I have the same problem only with [name]Kate[/name]. I think it is fine to use just [name]Katie[/name] if that is what you love! Go for the name you love! I know a [name]Katie[/name] whose name is just [name]Katie[/name]. As she got older she shortened it to [name]Kate[/name] for business mostly because [name]Katie[/name] does have a young quality to it, but I know that her family and plenty of friends still call her [name]Katie[/name]. I think it [name]Kate[/name]/[name]Katie[/name]/[name]Catherine[/name] are all lovely names that can each stand alone.

I know a [name]Kathryn[/name], and she always goes by [name]Katie[/name]. I’m not sure if she dislikes [name]Kathryn[/name] or anything though.

I love [name]Katie[/name]! I am a firm believer in naming a child what they will be called. I know [name]Katie[/name]'s that are just [name]Katie[/name] and some that are [name]Katherine[/name]. Go with what you really love.

I know about four or five different [name]Kate[/name]/Katies–probably my generation. [name]One[/name] of them is simply [name]Katie[/name], which is incredibly Irish. The [name]Katie[/name]/[name]Katherine[/name]-[name]Catherine[/name]-[name]Kathryn[/name]-[name]Kathleen[/name] in my opinion is a little dated, and it could be because I know so many. It is devastatingly cute though, and I’ve only known good Katies. :slight_smile: [name]Even[/name] a [name]Kady[/name]/[name]Katy[/name]/[name]Cady[/name]/[name]Kait[/name]. :slight_smile:

I would definitely encourage lengthening the name, and perhaps have your little [name]Katie[/name] have the option of the long [name]Katerina[/name]/[name]Katia[/name]/[name]Cadence[/name] ([name]Kadence[/name]?) etc.

Good luck! Despite anything I may have said, if it’s something you love then it’s right for you. <3

I’m a big fan of [name]Katie[/name] too, but feel that a full name like [name]Katherine[/name] is more suitable for a grown woman. [name]Katie[/name] is too cute. I know two baby Katies (no full name) and I think it was a terrible choice, but that’s just my opinion.
There are other options besides [name]Katherine[/name].
[name]Kathleen[/name], [name]Katelyn[/name], [name]Katerina[/name], [name]Katrina[/name], etc.
I love nicknames [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Cat[/name] too, but would not consider them as full names.
You could always find another K name that you like and use the initials KT or KD (sounds like [name]Katie[/name]) :slight_smile:

You could also use [name]Cady[/name] as a full name (it’s more like [name]Kay[/name]-dee, than [name]Katie[/name])
I noticed some people suggested [name]Cadence[/name], so it could be nickname for that as well.

I know loads of Katies, all who are ‘just [name]Katie[/name]’. In the UK it’s very popular on its own.

I personally prefer [name]Kitty[/name] or [name]Kate[/name]. [name]Katie[/name] just seems dull. I like [name]Katherine[/name] a lot too.

[name]Katie[/name] is a pretty name for a girl through her teens, but when she gets older, options are important.
I am a [name]Kathleen[/name] ( named after my Irish Grandmother), but might have been just [name]Kathie[/name] ( as in [name]Kathy[/name]) as my Mom wanted, but my Grandmother & Dad won.
I love my name, because I have choices. I believe it is better to go with the formal name, whether it is [name]Kathleen[/name] or [name]Katherine[/name] or some variation. Think of your daughter’s name on a plaque followed by Attorney. [name]Katie[/name] [name]Smith[/name] does not carry the maturity or feeling of trust that [name]Katherine[/name] [name]Smith[/name] or [name]Kathleen[/name] [name]Smith[/name] does.
[name]Remember[/name] this trick, if you see the name followed by attorney what resonates best with you. I also feel the same goes for boys names.
[name]James[/name] [name]Smith[/name], attorney or [name]Jamie[/name] [name]Smith[/name], attorney…see what i mean? Have fun!

I know a girl whose full name is [name]Kate[/name] and she goes by [name]Katie[/name]. I’d prefer [name]Kate[/name] or [name]Katherine[/name]. [name]Kati[/name] itself doesn’t have any variations and for a name thi isn’t that good. It’s like havong a nn for your whole life.