I have been seeing a lot of photos & such of little girls called Caydie, [name]Cade[/name], [name]Kadey[/name], [name]Kaydie[/name]…everything but [name]Katie[/name].

I’m wondering what is with this trend & what the longform if there even is one might be…[name]Cadence[/name] comes to mind but maybe this is the new [name]Kayla[/name]/[name]Kylie[/name] thing & it’s the full name?

It’s often the full name, on the same track as [name]Kaylee[/name].

I know a 5 year old [name]Kaydence[/name] nn [name]Kady[/name]. I also knew an [name]Kady[/name], not sure if it was a nn or if it had a full fn what it was. But I wouldn’t like [name]Kady[/name] as the full fn, myself. [name]Cade[/name]/[name]Kade[/name] is a boy name for me, as well. I wouldn’t mind it as a nn for a girl, but not as a given name.

I am just assuming girls named [name]Cade[/name]/[name]Kade[/name] are said like [name]Katie[/name] but maybe they’re like rhymes with blade?

I’ve only ever seen it spelled [name]Cady[/name] like in ‘Mean Girls’ and even then I assumed it was short for [name]Cadence[/name].

My step daughters nn is Caydie. And yes, this is short for [name_f]Caydence[/name_f].

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