Lacey, Pearl and ?

Hello everyone,

I’m revisiting our lists for [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]'s sibling:

[name]Lacey[/name] [name]Morgana[/name], [name]Pearl[/name] [name]Isolde[/name] and:

[name]Elsa[/name] [name]Meredith[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]Ivy[/name] [name]Rhiannon[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]Holly[/name] [name]Morwenna[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]

[name]Theo[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]William[/name] [name]Arthur[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]Albert[/name] [name]William[/name]/[name]Percival[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]Joseph[/name] [name]William[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]
[name]Thomas[/name] [name]Albert[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]

What do you think? - Rearranging and any other suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks [name]Fran[/name]

I had just jumped into the other thread for the first time earlier today, and I still say [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Rhiannon[/name]! :slight_smile:

I guess I’d go with [name]Holly[/name] but would change the mn. I don’t like the idea of having two sisters with 3 syllable mn beginning with mor and one without. [name]Holly[/name] [name]Meredith[/name]?

For boys, def. [name]Joseph[/name].

[name]Lacey[/name] [name]Morgana[/name], [name]Pearl[/name] [name]Isolde[/name] and…

[name]Theo[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name] [name]Reeves[/name]. [name]Even[/name] though I like both [name]Joseph[/name] and [name]Thomas[/name], they seem more classic and traditional compared to [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]. [name]Theo[/name] has a more jaunty, antique charm about it that matches your daughter’s names.

Girls - This is a tougher choice for me. I like both [name]Ivy[/name] and [name]Holly[/name] but they end in the same sound as [name]Lacey[/name] so I think I’m going to have to go with [name]Elsa[/name] [name]Meredith[/name] . If you choose [name]Elsa[/name], all of the girls will then have a distinct name. My second choice would be [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Rhiannon[/name] but I also like Bedhead’s suggestion of [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Meredith[/name]. [name]Holly[/name] [name]Morwenna[/name] would be my third choice. Good luck!

I love love [name]Elsa[/name] and [name]Albert[/name] [name]William[/name]. What about [name]Elsa[/name] [name]Ivy[/name]?

I agree [name]Morgana[/name] and [name]Morwenna[/name] are very similar.

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Fran[/name]
I like [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Rhiannon[/name] very much. BUT if I could venture sugesstions, they would be [name]Holly[/name] Igraine, [name]Holly[/name] [name]Avalon[/name], [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Avalon[/name], [name]Holly[/name] [name]Viviane[/name] or [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Viviane[/name] (some are very v heavy combinations)!
For Boys, I like [name]Albert[/name] [name]Percival[/name] or [name]William[/name] [name]Arthur[/name].
Good luck!

I love [name]Ivy[/name] with [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]! It’s perfect :slight_smile:
I also prefer [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Meredith[/name].

For boys, I like [name]Albert[/name] with the other sibs

Thankyou everyone!

I do like [name]Ivy[/name] [name]Meredith[/name] and [name]Holly[/name] Igraine! [name]Morwenna[/name] is a name I have always loved… hmm it is close to [name]Morgana[/name] but as they are both middle names, is it really that big a deal?

Any other ideas?

Thanks, [name]Fran[/name] x

For me, [name]Holly[/name] is jarring because I hear it as a name from the 50s-60s. It doesn’t have the same antique feel as [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]. [name]Holly[/name] will always be a 1962 junior high cheerleader, at least for me. For me, [name]Holly[/name] [name]Hunter[/name] (now 52) is a young [name]Holly[/name]. For you, if it seems of the same generation as [name]Pearl[/name], then you are fine. For me the clear choice is [name]Elsa[/name] because it seems of the same era and feel as [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name] – without becoming too themey. I like [name]Meredith[/name], and [name]Elsa[/name] [name]Meredith[/name] is fine.

Agree with pp that [name]Theo[/name] is the name of choice for a boy. Charming, antique – a match for his sisters’ names!

I love the name [name]Ivy[/name] with [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]!
[name]Elsa[/name] is a favorite of mine, but I personally don’t think it goes with your other daughter’s names at all.

[name]Theo[/name] is my favorite for a boy. I love [name]Joseph[/name] also, but I think [name]Theo[/name] sounds perfect with [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]!

I’m going to revisit my opinion and vote for [name]Ivy[/name]. I was worried about repeating the “ee” sound ending of [name]Lacey[/name], but I think [name]Ivy[/name] works best with [name]Lacey[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name].

I’m still all for [name]Theo[/name]. :slight_smile: