I was at my sisters house this morning and we were discussing baby names. She told me her daughter went to school with a little boy named [name]Lake[/name], and that she really liked the name. I, myself don’t like it at all.

What are your opinions?

I actually like it! [name]Lake[/name] could work for either gender, but I slightly prefer it for a boy.

I agree with namefan its like a nature alternate of [name]Luke[/name]. I prefer it on a boy as well. :slight_smile:

It almost sounds to me like it should be a nickname of something else.

I like nature names, [name]River[/name], [name]Forest[/name] and [name]Oceana[/name] included. I like [name]Lake[/name], but the problem with it for me is that when it is paired up with the certain middle names or surnames it could sound like an actual body of water. Where I live there are over 300 lakes in our municipality alone, so it would be quite easy to accidentally name him after an actual lake.

Agree with the previous poster- when paired with many surnames it does sound like a body of water. I do like it as a name though or as a nickname for something else.
It may also be one of the few times id prefer a one syllable first name with a one syllable last name. [name]Lake[/name] [name]Sharp[/name] sprang to mind as a cool character name.
[name]Lake[/name] [name]Smith[/name], [name]Lake[/name] [name]Jones[/name]… a nice way to get a short but unique first name for a very common/generic last name.

I love Lake, but I prefer it on a girl. It really works on Actress Lake Bell.

anotherkate: We might be twins because I love simple short names (Jack/Jane), but I’m trying not to get too attached because I’m not married and don’t know what my last name will be if/when I become a mother so I have Lake on reserve in case I marry a Smith or Brown. Jack Smith is just too plain. (Also, my name is Kate too).

I would just make sure you do your research before naming your child Lake. Lake Geneva sounds pretty, but it’s also a real place.

I like [name]Lake[/name] on a girl so much I would’ve considered it but it does not work with our last name at all!!

It seems a bit feminine, [name]IMO[/name].

I went to school for a while with a boy named [name]Lake[/name]. I didn’t really like it, but recently, I’ve decided I think it’s pretty cool on a girl.

I’ll admit up front that I’m not a fan of nature names, and frankly, if I met a little baby [name]Lake[/name], I think I would roll my eyes at the parents’ choice. HOWEVER, I can also imagine meeting a grown-up [name]Lake[/name] and picture a very handsome, sophisticated, fun man and think it would be such a great name for someone like that. So I’m obviously torn. It is ALL boy to me, though, for some reason.

I’m not really a fan of the name [name]Lake[/name] in general but I do think it sounds a lot more like a girl’s name than a boy’s. There’s just something very feminine about it.