Lara or Nora

I second what @firefly305 said

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I don’t like the sound of [name_f]Lara[/name_f] or [name_f]Lana[/name_f] and those kinds of names make me think of mean girls kind of girls

I really like the name [name_f]Lara[/name_f]! It’s short, sweet and powerful. [name_f]Lara[/name_f] Croft is a fun and adventurous association.
[name_f]Nora[/name_f] is nice, but where I live it means daughter-in-law, which I don’t appreciate.

Nora, I don’t know why.

I can see the appeal of [name_f]Nora[/name_f] and it stylistically should be one of my favourites, but I have never been on board with it and I really can’t like it for some reason. So my vote goes for [name_f]Lara[/name_f]!

Ditto. Also love [name_f]Nara[/name_f]. :heart_eyes:

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Lara. I just don’t like [name_f]Nora[/name_f].

Lara! I love LAH-rah and it reminds me of my beloved [name_u]Brazil[/name_u]. I like [name_f]Nora[/name_f] okay, prefer [name_f]Norah[/name_f], but I like [name_f]Eleanor[/name_f] with an alternate nn ([name_f]Ella[/name_f], [name_f]Lena[/name_f], [name_f]Leni[/name_f], etc.) or just [name_u]Noor[/name_u] even more, myself. I’ve found [name_f]Nora[/name_f] to be a bit of an acquired taste for me that never quite clicked.

I love [name_f]Nora[/name_f]! It’s simple and straightforward yet has plenty of vintage charm and personality (and a lovely meaning). I also like [name_f]Lara[/name_f], though; it’s less common (at least where I am) and really pretty. The only [name_f]Lara[/name_f] I know pronounces it so that the first syllable rhymes with “car,” which I think sounds nicer than rhyming the first syllable with “care”; the pronunciation doesn’t seem difficult to me, but [name_f]Nora[/name_f] would definitely avoid any issues with that if you’re worried about it!

I would say thanks to [name_f]Lara[/name_f] Bars the name will likely have consistent pronunciation issues. [name_f]My[/name_f] vote goes for [name_f]Nora[/name_f]

I prefer [name_f]Nora[/name_f]. To me, [name_f]Nora[/name_f] feels more classic. [name_f]Lara[/name_f] feels like a name that’s getting left behind as naming trends favour vintage & classical names or trendy & modern names.

Also to add, [name_f]Nora[/name_f] is most certainly not a fast-fashion name and I believe it will become a well-renowned classic in the world of names. However, if popularity is a bother to you, I see [name_f]Nora[/name_f] as being consistently more popular than [name_f]Lara[/name_f]. It’s currently #29 in the United States and projected to rise even higher, whereas [name_f]Lara[/name_f] is #701. Quite the difference!

Also, just a little fun fact, [name_f]Nora[/name_f] is #2 in Norway! I find that funny: Norway. I guess they have a lot of national pride! :wink:

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I have always loved [name_f]Nora[/name_f], derived from [name_f]Honora[/name_f] it means “[name_f]Honour[/name_f]” or “[name_u]Light[/name_u]” which is an optimistic theme, with a soft and sweet sound. [name_m]Don[/name_m]’t think you could go wrong with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
[name_f]Lara[/name_f] is sweet as well, but I don’t love it like I do [name_f]Nora[/name_f]

I love [name_f]Nora[/name_f]!!!

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I love [name_f]Lara[/name_f] pronounced as lah-ruh. [name_f]Nora[/name_f] just sounds a bit grating to me, I just hear gnaw-ruh but I think it’s probably an accent thing!

I prefer [name_f]Nora[/name_f] because it feels softer to me. [name_f]Lara[/name_f] feels hard and outdated.

I like [name_f]Lara[/name_f] more probably but I would pronounce it like [name_f]Laura[/name_f] :smiley:

I much prefer [name_f]Lara[/name_f]. A sleek, timeless, international name. I don’t like the sounds of [name_f]Nora[/name_f], and feel that it’s more an ‘in’ name now that will fade in time.