Lesley or Leslie?

Which spelling do you prefer for a girl (and why!):

[name]Lesley[/name] or [name]Leslie[/name] ??

Definitely [name]Leslie[/name]. I don’t know why, but it seems lighter and more feminine to me. [name]Lesley[/name] also seems like it would sometimes be pronounced “Lez-lee” instead of “Less-lie,” the latter being the way I prefer.

I don’t like [name]Leslie[/name]/[name]Lesley[/name] on a girl. I only like it on a boy; and then I like it spelled [name]Leslie[/name].

    • I’m glad it looks like it would be pronounced that way with the -ey spelling. The “ss” sound sounds like ‘Less-is more’.

[name]Leslie[/name] - I think b/c that’s how I’ve seen it spelled in the past.

Also, the [name]Lesley[/name] spelling reminds me of [name]Wesley[/name], which is a boy’s name (and one I find a little pretentious to boot).

[name]Lesley[/name]! I know two and they both have this spelling. I think it looks nicer - I prefer the ‘ley’ endings.

I agree that [name]Leslie[/name] for some reason seems more feminine and more likely to be pronounced with an “s” sound instead of a “z” sound.
[name]Leslie[/name] was my favorite name growing up. I had a cabbage patch doll named [name]Leslie[/name]. It’s a great name!

‘[name]Lesley[/name]’ is actually the original feminine spelling of this name, with [name]Leslie[/name] being the original masculine spelling. Many baby books actually site that ‘[name]Leslie[/name]’ is a variant of ‘[name]Lesley[/name]’!