Leslie and other -lie -ie names

I have loved the name [name]Leslie[/name] for a girl since I was a little girl and my husband also loves it. I guess it has sentimental value to me even though it is definitely not stylish or trendy, or a family name, nor does it have any special meaning, which is weird because I love names with meanings. I just love it, and I wouldnt mind making it even more special by attaching a favorite little person to it. Does anyone else share my love? Or am I the only one? I dont mind if I am. What would be a great middle name?

Any other -lie names that you love? I would love to hear them, since my other favorite name is [name]Emily[/name] (but I cant use it because of niece [name]Emily[/name]! Sad.) and another that I heard that I love is Kenslie and my middle name is [name]Marie[/name], and I also wouldnt mind using this as a first or middle name because it is a family name. I would be grateful to any who would like to add to the list!

I love [name]Leslie[/name] too. And Kenslie is very unique and pretty! [name]Both[/name] go very nicely with the MN [name]Marie[/name] too. What about:

[name]Brylie[/name]/[name]Bryleigh[/name] (I love lengthening the lie/lee ending to leigh)

Thanks! [name]Carlie[/name] is cute. I knew a [name]Carlie[/name] growing up. Great person. Also love the name [name]Marlene[/name] which is the long version of [name]Marlie[/name].
Another for the list: [name]Elisia[/name], as suggested to me on another forum, but now I thought of the nn. [name]Ellie[/name] and like it even more.

My sister is [name]Kayleigh[/name]… she’s 22 so my mom was before her time with that whole trend!


Thank you! [name]Natalie[/name] is on my list! :slight_smile: [name]Adelie[/name] is beautiful too!


I want to add [name]MacKenzie[/name] to the list. Any others? Ideas, mnames?

[name]Hallie[/name] but really my favourite spelling is just [name]Halle[/name]

There’s a few others, archaic nicknames mostly, [name]Mollie[/name] and [name]Lillie[/name], [name]Lettie[/name] and [name]Mattie[/name] and [name]Susie[/name] and so on, that I find adorable but probably wouldn’t really use in real life except as nicknames. I am very fond of [name]Susannah[/name] nickname [name]Susie[/name] though, and [name]Martha[/name] nickname [name]Mattie[/name] and [name]Katherine[/name] nickname [name]Katie[/name].

Some lovely names so far! Thank you!

I love Kenslie!

My name is [name]Lesley[/name]. It is the “technical” female spelling in the UK where the name originated. Obviously, I much prefer this spelling! I gravitate to the same types of names as you but with -ley at the end. Think:
These are place names and I think they are great! Good luck!

[name]Leslie[/name] [name]Amelia[/name] was my first thought. :slight_smile:

You can almost make anything end with -ie these days! My niece is [name]Mollie[/name] and people misspell my daughter as [name]Abbie[/name]. [name]Jamie[/name], [name]Susie[/name], [name]Maddie[/name], ect…

Thanks, berries! I’d never heard of [name]Brinley[/name] before. That’s pretty! Especially since I love the name [name]Brynn[/name]! Maybe I’d spell it Brynlie were I to use it. I have nothing against the -ey spelling. The -ie spelling has been used for me and all of my sisters, so I would like to pass that down. :slight_smile: I still have a name crush on Kenslie! But I think I will go with [name]Leslie[/name]. [name]Leslie[/name] [name]Amelia[/name] is a great suggestion, but it sounds too much like my niece’s name, [name]Emily[/name]. Ohiom, It’s funny the names that we think can only have a certain spelling because of our experiences. I would never spell [name]Abby[/name] or [name]Molly[/name] with an -ie, but I have seen all of the other spellings!

[name]How[/name] about:
[name]Leslie[/name] [name]Rose[/name]
[name]Leslie[/name] [name]Mae[/name]