Less than 3 weeks to go... please help us decide

We are having trouble deciding on a name for our daughter. We already have a son named Benjamin (Ben) and very much prefer traditional, classic names. We’d like to honor one or both of our moms through the baby’s middle name using either Lydia, Ann or Ann-Marie (which is a combo of our moms’ middle names).

We’ve narrowed her first name down to:

Elise (unsure if I’d name her Elise outright or use Elizabeth with Elise as a nickname)

Would love to her any thoughts or opinions!

Thanks so much!!

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Elise Ann-Marie would be absolutely gorgeous! I think I actually prefer Elise on its own! Second pick would be Elizabeth Ann.


Seconding Elise–it’s my absolute favorite from your list! Simple, classic, gentle-yet-strong, and overall lovely. Elise Ann-Marie is perfection (or even Elise Annemarie). I definitely think Elise can stand on it’s own, and I like it more that way. My second choice would be Elizabeth nn Elise, followed by Natalie (maybe Natalie Ann?), followed by just-Elizabeth. Alexandra is such a great classic name too, just not my style. You really can’t go wrong here!

I like Elizabeth most. Elizabeth has always been one of my absolute favorite names. I normally like names that are a little more unique, but timeless names, such as Elizabeth and Catherine always have a charm to me that no others do. Elizabeth has so much history and your daughter would have so many fabulous namesakes and roll models. Plus, Elizabeth’s nn potential is unmatched. I’ve never been a huge fan of Elise, but it certainly works well with Elizabeth, and there are even more nn. Elizabeth Lydia sounds just a little repetitive with the “L” sound, but I do love Lydia, so I think it’s fine. My favorite is Elizabeth Ann-Marie though. It has meaning to you, as well as a very nice flow.

I like Alexandra, but not as much as Elizabeth. One of the main reasons I don’t like Alexandra as much is it’s always shortened to Alex. Alex is a cute little nickname, but it’s not a regal and beautiful as Alexandra, and I don’t understand why it’s always used over Alexandra. Still, Alexandra would be a pretty choice.

My least favorite on your list is Natalie. I don’t dislike it, but it sounds like a dated 80s-90s name. It doesn’t have the timeless, traditional, feel that your other names have. Maybe Natalia would be better?

Overall, I think Elizabeth is best. It goes very well and is very stylistically similar to Benjamin. There is so much nn potential, and it even allows you to keep Elise, if you want to. But really, the history of Elizabeth is admirable, and I think it’s a name that any girl would be proud of.

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Elizabeth is really beautiful to me. In fact, it’s my middle name! If I could wind back the clock, I would insist on being called Elizabeth from a young age. The nickname options alone make it a fantastic choice.

I absolutely agree with you on Elizabeth and Catherine!

My pick for first names is Elise. I do love the sound of Lydia Ann but with the names you’ve posted I think Ann- Marie flows better. If you were to want Natalie I would probably suggest switching it to Natalia in which case I like Lydia Ann with that one.

Elise Ann-Marie is my top choice :heart:

Elizabeth is my personal favorite of your list, and I love Elizabeth Ann or Elizabeth Ann-Marie. Honestly, I think Elizabeth is the best style match for Benjamin anyway. My vote goes to Elizabeth!

Elise, as a stand-alone name, is by far my favorite. Elise Annemarie ideally.

I knew an Elyse growing up. It can definitely stand on its own. Elise Ann-Marie or Elise Annemarie work well.

Elizabeth Ann-Marie would be lovely and i like how it gives you the option of Elise too

I love the name Elizabeth. It’s just so perfect in every way! It’s classic, has tons of nickname options, and fits any kind of girl. It also flows beautifully with your middle name options.

Elise is classic yet distinctive, a rare combo.

Elizabeth Ann-Marie nn Elise would be so beautiful! Classic, sweet and elegant with a quirky and gentle nickname.

All the first names on your list are gorgeous! Lydia is a great name, but unfortunately, I don’t think it flows well with any first name.
Natalie Ann would be a nice name, but I feel like something is missing in this combo. In my opinion, Natalie needs a stronger middle name. However, Anne-Marie doesn’t flow well with Natalie. The same thing happens with Alexandra.

Would you consider Marianne?

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Elizabeth Ann-Marie, with ‘Elise’ as the nickname!

I’d say ‘Elise Ann-Marie’, but I don’t think it flows as well.

All the names are lovely, but Elizabeth Ann-Marie sounds like it might be ideal as she can be Elise but if you (or she) later decides against it there’s still so many nn options to choose from. I also feel like Elizabeth goes best with any of the middle name options and sounds especially gorgeous with Ann-Marie!


I have an Elizabeth and a Katherine. I have never regretted the choices I made. My girls loved their names. Elizabeth became known as Liz or Lizzy. Katherine is is still Katherine. They are young adults now.

I’m going to throw this out there, even though it’s not officially one of the names you’ve narrowed down.

Annelise Marie

or Annelise Lydia (not sure which combo was whose mom)

I just love Elizabeth with Benjamin. Both names are longer with nickname options, beautiful but not fusty. I personally love Anne-Marie. My mom’s middle name is Ann and my sister’s is Marie, and if I had had a second daughter I was going to use Anne-Marie, and I knew my mom would understand needing the “e” on Anne (we both LOVE Anne of Green Gables).