Linden: F or M

I’ll probably stop asking these questions soon sorry.

  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Neutral leading towards feminine
  • Neutral leading towards masculine

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  • Girly
  • Tomboyish
  • Imaginable on both a girly girl and a tomboy

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If I’m being honest [name_u]Linden[/name_u] feels like a true neutral name to me, I don’t find it leans either way! It might just be because it’s a name I don’t see very often, and I’ve never met a person with the name so I have no preconceived notion of it.

Not entirely related to the questions you are asking, but I think [name_u]Linden[/name_u] would make a super great honor name for a [name_f]Linda[/name_f], regardless of the gender of the baby! It’s very fresh feeling and sounds modern and current without being weirdly out-there. I like it!


I also think of it as a really neutral name - I live in [name_f]Canada[/name_f] and have met one male and one female [name_u]Linden[/name_u]. There are lots of Lin/Lyn names out there for girls and the “-den” ending feels more traditionally masculine, so the combination of those kind of splits the difference. To me it leans very slightly masculine, but neither would surprise me.


[name_u]Linden[/name_u] feels very neural to me -I could totally imagine it on any.

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I think I mentioned this before but to me, [name_u]Linden[/name_u] leans feminine and [name_u]Landon[/name_u] leans masculine. But only very slightly, and that’s mostly based on my own personal preference. I could easily see [name_u]Linden[/name_u] on a boy or girl and I don’t think it gives me any specific image of the person either. I agree with what the person above me said. [name_u]Lyn[/name_u] names seem mostly feminine, and then [name_m]Den[/name_m] names seem mostly masculine, so the combo of the two evens it out and makes it very neutral.

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The [name_m]Den[/name_m] part of the name actually sounds kind of feminine to me because it reminds me of the name [name_f]Denise[/name_f] which I feel sounds very feminine. [name_f]Lin[/name_f] and [name_u]Lyn[/name_u] definitely sound feminine as well. Also, the nn [name_f]Lindy[/name_f] sounds super girly.

I agree with you guys, I can see it on either a girl or a boy. I imagine a person with the name [name_u]Linden[/name_u] to be calm with a soft voice even if it’s a boy. I know you never know what they’d be like because names are just labels, but this is how I’d imagine them.

I agree, [name_u]Linden[/name_u] leans feminine to me and [name_u]Landon[/name_u] leans masculine.

This is a neutral name that leans masculine for me. The n ending gives it a masculine vibe, as does the similarity (though they are separate names) to [name_m]Lyndon[/name_m]. All that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a girl!

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[name_u]Linden[/name_u] has always sounded very delicate and yet cutsie to me, that’s why to me, it leans a bit more to feminine.

I also think this names sounds really light.