Lindsey, Lindsay, Lyndsie or Lynsie? how do you like it?

[name]Lindsey[/name], [name]Lindsay[/name], [name]Lyndsie[/name] or [name]Lynsie[/name]?

  • [name]Evelyn[/name]

I prefer [name]Lindsay[/name] and [name]Lindsey[/name] over the others. I also think both can be used for boys too although I prefer [name]Lindsay[/name] for boys out of the too.

[name]Lindsay[/name] or [name]Lindsey[/name] are ok but the other spellings look like odd inventions.

I dislike [name]Lindsay[/name] immensely, spelling it odd makes it even more unappealing. I have always found the sound to be scratchy.

[name]Lindsay[/name] is my name so I prefer it, to me everything else just looks stupid.

[name]Lindsay[/name] or [name]Lindsey[/name]. I’m not totally opposed to [name]Lyndsay[/name]/[name]Lyndsey[/name] either, but I think [name]Lynsie[/name] and [name]Lyndsie[/name] look too trendy.

I love [name]Lindsay[/name]! [name]Lindsey[/name] is alright too but I just prefer [name]Lindsay[/name]. However, I do like all the spelling variations, even if they are trendy.

[name]Lindsey[/name], unless you don’t plan on pronouncing the d in which case I say [name]Lynsie[/name].

I dislike all forms of the name.

I like [name]Lindsay[/name] best but in general I don’t like it and find it very dated.

Not a name I really like. Very dated. However, I would vote [name]Lindsey[/name].

For those that hate [name]Lindsey[/name] I am so hurt… it is my name! [name]Just[/name] Kidding about the hurt part!!! :slight_smile: [name]Just[/name] giving you guys a hard time, but it is my name! I spell it [name]Lindsey[/name]… but to be honest I always wished it were an edgier version- even more different than your spellings. I always wanted mine to be [name]Lynzee[/name] or Linze… I wanted it to be spelled like it sounds :slight_smile: